Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday afternoon with movies

Just another good day for catching movies on tv.   Watched  Darkness, So I Married an Axe Murder and Beautiful.

Darkness- Family move into a house and start to become paranoid. The dad is showing signs of mental instability and the son is showing signs of abuse. But the daughter uncovers something in the house, which leads her to the truth. Their grandfather had been part of a coven that worshiped Chaos and took part in sacrifices.  The spiritual energy in the house really is out to get them.

Okay, so this was a tv edit and really chopped up. To the point it felt like only half the story was being given.  This is a movie that if I mange to come across in the future unedited, I would like to watch again to see the whole story.

So I Married an Axe Murderer- A man who is afraid of commitment creates all these oddball reasons to break up with the women he dates. Until that is, he meets the perfect woman. Only this time, there is more then enough evidence to prove she really is crazy, after he reads an article in the paper about a widow who's murdered all three of her previous husbands on their honeymoon.

Mike Myers when he was still fresh and semi-funny, before he destroyed his career with Love Guru (I shiver and wince with admitting I went to the cinema way back when Love Guru came out) 
I was actually half way through this movie this afternoon when I realized, I've seen this before, and I think it might have been twenty years ago at the cinema too.  

Beautiful - A beauty pageant contestant, lies about having a seven year old daughter in order to keep in the running. Her secret comes out after her best friend who's been looking after the daughter all these years, is arrested.

I had a hard time not crying with this one. And I would have if I hadn't been at mom's and there been company over.  It's not the most original story, or even that great of a film, but it's just such a sweet and endearing story.

till later

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