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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 46, chapter 46

Victor opened the door enough to let Bryon see that he wasn't alone. "I'm just going to take care of things on my end then I'll meet you in the Inn."  Bryon nodded, a look on his face that left Victor annoyed.  Locking the door Victor turned to lean on it. "Now, where were we?" his eyes flashed yellow.


The King stood in front of his painting mumbling something so softly under his breath, none of the other werewolves could hear him. He hadn't moved in hours, his stillness unsettling. Ash and Reuben were sitting at the table going over the information again and again, with Reuben telling in as much detail as possible what he could remember of the last few months.
Rolf had gone out hunting.  Reuben also figured, he'd gone to check in with his brothers.

The sound of the King smashing his hands into the wall caused both men to move from their seats, Ash's chair scrapping the floor with a loud ear splitting echo. Over and over again, he smashed himself into the wall, his hands first turning to claws, then paws, as he transformed. Bending his back he fell to his knees, his shoulders popping, his muzzle ripping through his face. The human screams that quickly became wet gurgles then a low growling sound. In his wolf form, the King jumped on top of the  sofa sniffing it madly, then every inch of the cabin, stopping at the book shelf. He stood there for a long few seconds till he seemed to get a scent, then ran out of the cabin his nose to the ground.

"Something tells me we'd better follow him. He might end up down a well or something, given he's been in a coma for so long his instincts might not be..." Ash said hurrying down the front stairs of the porch and quickly into the woods, trying to keep up.

Reuben stood in the doorway hugging himself, his head bowed, making a noise between laughter and crying. Nodding he  spoke. "He totally realizes what he's doing, his instincts are fine." he let out a deep breath turning on his heels and ran after them.

They found themselves at the mill, a woman, spotting him, brought  a bowl of water and a plate of food, placing it on a tree stump. The red furred wolf went straight for it not bothering to check for a trap.  Ash had a look of horror on his face as he watched the King in wolf form, drink from the bowl. The King then jumped through an open window.

"Smells like roast chicken." Reuben said closing his eyes nose in the air before tying his hair up in his too smooth to be human pony tail. "I've been here before." he said pointing to the sky. He took a half step forward but thought better of it, his eyes wide as if searching his memory.

"You were here?" Ash asked pointing his left hand that had the word down tattooed on it. "When? Why?"

Reuben shrugged. "I don't remember. Just this place is familiar. The farmer's daughter is familiar."

"Miller, that's the miller's daughter. Why would she be familiar?" Ash asked starting to get twitchy.  Reuben shook his head for a moment then seemed to fall into a crouching position to sit on his heels.

"Oh god." he buried his face in his hands. "She thinks I'm him."

"The woman in there. She thinks the King is you?"

"No, she thinks I'm the King.  She knows what we are. The reason I know this place is familiar but can't remember is because I was here..."

"During your black outs, when the King was possessing you. Got it." Ash commented as he ran to the door banging on it wildly. 

Reuben continued to talk "...she is expecting me when he transforms. This is not good. Not good at all." he stood then sticking his tongue out as if he tasted something bad. "Damn it! That bastard used me for..." he spun around. " body so that he could..." he kicked at the ground sending a patch of wild flowers flying. "Come on!"

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story piece.  Poor Roo, being used for his wait...)

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