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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 4

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 34, chapter 34

Dagan leaned against a large tree, wiping the back of his hand across his face. Sniffing, he tossed a handful of coins into a small leather coin purse, feeling the weight of it in his hand. He'd taken it off of the last coachman he'd just hunted. There was no joy in him, in what he was about to do. He just knew this was where he was suppose to be.
It had been years, over a decade since he'd been back to the castle. It loomed up out of the darkness like a creature coming out of the murky water. A place that more then seemed to have life of it's own, breathing in the breath of any who dared to enter it.  He refused to give in to the shiver that ran down his spine, refused to allow himself the sick feeling that was churning in his stomach as he took a small step from the crossroads where the coach was now left, covered in blood and freed from it's horses.

The closer to the castle he got, the angrier he became. On the outskirts of the property, Dagan could smell the scent of another werewolf, for some reason, it angered him and he didn't care who got in his way. One of the servants was fixing a broken fence, and for his trouble, Dagan broke his neck. Not because he was a threat, but because he was in his way, and the werewolf didn't care to change his path even one step.

When he got to the gates, to the main door he had calmed himself down. Running his hand through his hair, he smoothed it down, brushed the dirt from his clothes, wiped the blood from his mouth, and made sure he was standing there in full human form when he grabbed the large iron knocker.


The Seer walked out of the barn, zipping up his pants as he did. Stretching, he barely glanced back at the young woman he'd just seduced. She'd be of no use to him or anyone again. Normally, he would drag out the seduction over time, depending on what it was he was really seducing them for, but since he'd been turned, it seemed like that side of him needed more energy just to function. His new werewolf side burned up too much energy, too much magic too quickly with each transformation. 
It hadn't even been a challenge for him, this girl. Some thing that worked in the fields nearby, that thought him a beautiful choice, flattered by his smile and sweet words. No, no challenge at all and used up too quickly. At this rate, he'd have to seduce two or three a night.
Heading back to the castle, he caught a familiar scent on the air.


The door opened, leaving the tall servant in shock, eyes wide mouth a gap. Dagan stood there, looking bored, one arm leaning on the door frame, the other looped on his belt. "Uncle Victor home?" he pushed his way past the servant into the hall. "Don't worry, I know my way around thanks." he said over his shoulder, not bothering to look at him. Sniffing deeply, Dagan followed the familiar scent to the rooms past the library.
He didn't bother to knock, just opened the large wooden door, causing the two men standing there to turn in surprise.  Dagan walked straight to Harker, hugging him tightly, grunting.  "You're okay. I was worried." he said breaking the hug, holding him by the shoulders still.

Bryon tilted his head towards him, his eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement.

"Oh my god." Harker said laughing. "Dagan." his voice was pinched.

"Come on. There is a storm coming and I really don't want to be here that long." Dagan said too casually as he dragged his brother towards the door. He felt his brother resist, as the younger man stopped dead in his tracks.

"I can't leave yet. The others..."

Dagan swallowed as he shook his head, mouth open. "Here?" he pointed to the floor. "That's why you came here? Because...stupid...where?"

"Your old room actually." Harker replied blushing.

Knocking on the door, Harker waited for our heroine to answer. The handle rotated too slowly for the already aggravated werewolf; opening only a inch, letting them know they were allowed in. Our heroine was already back, sitting on the bed when the two brothers entered the room. She didn't look over, just stared out the window until she heard the growl.
Dagan stood in the middle of the room, the scent of the other werewolf  clinging to everything. His eyes became amber-grey, as he snarled, clearly pissed off at the idea of another wolf invading his room. His bed.
He moved in a blur, grabbing her by the back of the neck, his right hand holding her jaw tight, his other arm around her shoulders. "Hey sweetheart, what you been up to?" he whispered before biting down hard on her pale throat, ripping a chunk, spitting the mouthful of flesh to the floor, his face smeared with her blood.
He waited for the count of three, his right leg twitching wildly as he brought his own wrist up to his mouth, biting down hard, turning it to cover her mouth then, forcing her to drink.

Harker could do nothing to stop him, it all happened in the blink of an eye. All he could do was wait for his brother to calm down. Wait for the female to be shoved onto the bed, and slump to the floor. Wait for the blood to start to pool and stain the white gown she was wearing. The gown that had been their aunt's.
Dagan then crouched down in front of her, tilting his head to the side, licking his lips. "When I told you that I wasn't going to save your fat ass anymore, that you'd have to find another white knight, I didn't think you'd go running to the first lycanthrope that sniffed around  you. I mean, I'm a little insulted to tell you the truth." he closed his eyes, sniffing deeply tapping her forehead with his ring finger. "Now, the bond we've got..." he sat down completely beside her, his back against the bed. "...I've decided I'm not ready to break it."  He brought his hand up to his mouth, wiping the blood from his face licking it off his fingertips. "Na. I'm thinking that maybe we should just deal with the fact we're stuck with each other." he brought his thumb up to our heroine's face, wiping the blood and sticking his thumb then into her mouth. "Deal?" his voice never rose, never dropped, just stayed neutral. "Good talk." he replied his arm now around her shoulders. He could feel her relax against him, her eyes flashing the white of the banshee. He smiled despite himself.

"One problem." Harker finally found his voice. "Uncle Victor thinks you're dead and that she's my mate."

"Learn to count. That's two things." Dagan said yawning. (ready for the one flashback link) He patted her arm noticing the gown. "I always Loved this lace."

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