Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jumping Ship

Was another one of those days when there was a ton of movies on tv.  Watched   Ghost Ship  and Jumper today.

Ghost Ship- A salvage crew are hired to help repair and bring back a cruise ship to land that's sitting in international waters. What they don't know is that the ship has been lost for the last 40 years because of a mass murder. Each crew member begins to see ghosts of the dead passengers, and soon find themselves dealing with a literal boatload of gold.  The ship itself is holding a secret even more sinister then that.

I liked this film. Not really original, but well done. This was a tv edit, so I'm sure there were more intense plot points then what I saw. But a spooky abandoned boat that could sink at any second with rotted floors and no life boats, that would be enough to scare the life out of me in real life.

Jumper- A teenaged boy discovers he's got the ability to wish himself anywhere when he falls into the lake. He soon becomes a master bank robber. What he doesn't know, is that there are people hunting him and others like him. After taking a trip with his girlfriend, they get caught by the secret agents and it becomes a race to survive.

I wasn't as taken by this. I just think it could have been better. Again this was a tv edit, so I don't know how much of the story was chopped, but there were just too many scenes where they leads were literally jumping from place to place with their wormholes.  And it made me think of Farscape, anytime I hear wormholes I think Farscape.
Too many special effects not enough plot.

till later.

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