Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Week 2013

Day 1
Movie: Fred 2 Night of the Living Fred
starring: Lucas Cruikshank, John Cena
genre: Family
year: 2011
format: TV Edit

plot: After his favourite teacher is replaced, Fred believes the replacement teacher is a vampire, and that he's turning everyone in town into vampires as well. With the help of his best friend and imaginary dad, he sets out to destroy the vampires.

Someone somewhere basically said, "hey, lets cash in on Twilight and vampires and look we've got enough budget to get WWE superstar John Cena, but what are we going to do with him? I know, stuff him into the fridge for half the movie."

Yeah, it's a kid's movie, but it was really lacking. It felt like it was just cobbled together without any real reason behind it.   I understand it's actually part of a series of kids movies, but there wasn't any real back story for those who stumble on it as a stand alone film.


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