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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 67, chapter 67

Our heroine ducked out of the way as a large silver tipped arrow zipped past her, just missing her ear. "Are you kidding me?" she screamed as she kicked the amazon's legs out from under her. Her knuckles were bleeding, as burn marks sizzled on her hands from where she'd already dug one of the arrows out of her shoulder.
The Seer ran down the small hill, leaves getting kicked up as he did, flying everywhere as he screamed at her to watch out for the one on her right.  She turned to look at the Seer instead of the amazon.

That was her first mistake.

The one on her right smashed her across the shoulders with a staff, knocking both the wind out of her and her to the ground. But it was the other figure propped up on the rocks near the lake that got her attention. Spotting the whole reason for the situation they were in, our heroine let out a noise that was something between a scream and a growl as she kicked the amazon in the face. Blood splattered landing in our heroine's ear as she let the banshee take over. Her eyes went pure white, her fangs suddenly exposed, her nails sharp as knives. Grabbing the broken arrow she stabbed the amazon first in the eye, then the throat before turning her attention to the mermaid.
The creature ducked under the water and swam away, but not before our heroine had shot the broken arrow at her. She knew she'd hit the creature as blood fogged up the edge of the water by the rocks.
Turning in a rage still, she stomped back towards the first amazon digging her nails deep into her stomach, ripping out her intestines.

She was breathing heavy as she then turned towards the Seer wiping her bloody hand on his shirt. "What the hell is wrong with you? You've got all that power and you couldn't send one tiny orb to help? One small energy blast?"

"Silver, mermaids. Death to werewolves!" he said waving his hands around wildly.

"If there is one thing I hate more then amazons, it's mermaids!" she spat the blood from her mouth, leaning on his shoulder. "So tell me again how you ended up in that mess to begin with? Why was that mermaid tracking you? And how did you end up with amazons up your butt?"

The Seer started to smooth down his hair, his lips in a pucker as he looked everywhere but at her. "Funny story actually, um..." he cleared his throat rubbing his thumb on her cheek, licked it then continued to rub the smeared blood off her. "You know how we were both sick earlier, well it might have something to do with the sea witch I pissed off." he gently fixed the strap of her slip back on her shoulder. "Oh you're bit on the sweaty, and dirty side." he smiled nervously, his blue eyes crinkling as he did. Clearing his throat again, he ran his tongue over his teeth. She slapped his hands away. "I needed to feed my sidhe side, and decided to seduce a nymph, but I accidentally attracted a..."

"Let me guess, sea witch?"

"Not exactly." he smoothed his shirt down then tried to charm our heroine by taking her hand in his, letting his seduction spells relax her before continuing. "But it might have been a devotee of Neptune, who called upon the sea witch." he cleared his throat again before dramatically pulling her to him for a extremely tight hug. "But we're okay. Now. You scared them away, just like before. And wearing nothing but a tiny thin slip. You must be cold?"

"What before?" she breathed. "And holy wooden stakes and crosses batman, what's going on down there, you need a hand with that?" 

"Always." he gave her a smirk and a raised eyebrow. "Before, before. When I was being held captive by the sea witch and you showed up, breaking the giant...I wasn't dreaming that was I? You saving me from the sea witch's powers.From her draining the life out of me." he closed his eyes letting out a deep breath, scratching at the back of his skull. "So okay then. What was it you were wanting anyways? I mean, why did you decide to come hunt me down at the lighthouse?"

"I want you to open that portal you had kidnapped me for when you were still you know...evil."

He looked at her sideways, tilting his head then running both hands up and down her shoulders. "For what?"

"To send me home."

"There's no controlling the destination. I could send you home or I could send you somewhere worse then here, or why?"

"Well, I think it's time to seriously figure out how to get home since the graveyard didn't work. And anywhere that does not have Dagan is fine by me." she grabbed his elbows, turning him around pushing him towards the lighthouse. "And what do you mean, I saved you from the sea witch by breaking the giant..."

"It was like a jelly bag. She had me trapped in it, and then you were suddenly beside me almost as if you materialized just as I was loosing consciousness. Had that not happened, I would be fish food right now. I thought it was a hallucination."

"And what makes you think now that it wasn't?" she asked

"You're saying it was? Dagan said you were rambling about jellyfish after you came to. You really don't remember helping me earlier?"  our heroine shook her head.

"Dude, I was dead. Dagan slaughtered me, and I was dead." she pointed behind them at the two amazons. "Which they are not yet, but I can feel the scream building which means they're nearly dead. Can we get away from the deadness?"

They walked up the stairs of the lighthouse, the Seer waving his hand every few feet as they did, magically lighting candles and lanterns. "Just like when Rolf had the vision of you."

"Rolf had a dream of me?" she smashed into the Seer as he stopped dead in his tracks. He jumped giving a small snarl as she grabbed his butt.

"You don't remember appearing to Rolf either?" she shook her head at him crossing to the bed, sitting down. "He said it was when Dagan...ripped your...heart out. Hang on, you were dead, violently both times by Dagan. I think your powers might be growing. But you need to be dead and the other person unconscious...astral projecting I'm guessing."

Our heroine yawned as she stretched out on the bed. "New powers are good." she watched through half closed eyes as the Seer leaned on the little table a worried look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"We do this, open a portal and it ends up being worse then here; you're stuck. My original plan was to keep you with me and us open many portals. But that was before...I can't go with you..." he stood up straight, his hands in his back pockets.

"Belonging to someone or something is a wonderful feeling isn't it?" she yawned again, drifting off to sleep.

That was her next mistake.

When she opened her eyes again awhile later, she found herself gasping for air in the middle of the forest, covered in blood and soot. She looked over to see flames coming from the direction of the lighthouse. Our heroine managed to make it to a crawl, her head pounding and a sharp pain radiating from over her right eye down through her jaw.
She heard a noise, an animal in pain and instinctively crawled in that direction. A large caramel coloured wolf lay barely breathing, a  silver tipped arrow in it's side. "No no no!" she started to dig the arrow out. Biting hard on her wrist, she held it over his mouth, but he was too far gone to drink. She then held her wrist over his wound. "This always works in the movies." Nosferatu was in a panic then, begging silently for the Seer to be okay.

Two strong hands pulled her from the werewolf, tossing her aside. "I got him." the voice was familiar but she just could not seem to concentrate with the pain still in her face. "Sit still, it's going to hurt." a figure leaned over her reaching for her face, looming in a blurry shadow as she fought with it. "You've still got the damned thing in your...owe! Quit scratching me. Fine! Walk around with half a broken window in your face see if I care."  he flicked his hair out of his own face, as he pinned her to the nearest tree with one arm across her throat.  She made a sound that forced Reuben to cover his ears as someone reached from behind her ripping the shard of glass from just over her eyebrow.
Reuben helped her to her feet then, as she spotted Ash carrying the Seer still in wolf form towards his cabin.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Poor Seer...he really needs a proper name.)

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