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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 69, chapter 69

"Um.." the Seer squinted at the older werewolf. "I'm sorry. Grounded?" he laughed, his hands out at his sides. "How do you expect to ground me? I'm a grown man. You can't ground me like a spoiled child." he shook his head at Ash, as if taunting him.

"I could douse you with fairy dust for a few weeks. Keep you knocked out cold." he replied not looking at anyone but his tea.

"Or, you know, you could just open that portal and come with me." our heroine said still playing with the ripped lace on the hem of her slip.

Reuben was now beside the fireplace, having moved in a blur, crouched on his heels as he added more fire wood. "Portal? What portal?"

"The one I asked him to create to send me home."

Reuben threw himself into one of his perfect shoulder rolls, landing at her feet, springing to his. He was so close she could smell  sap from the pine logs still on his hands. "You can't leave. Dagan went insane last time." he scratched at his ear, rolling his eyes. "Think I got fleas, again." he scratched manically then at his beard and neck.

"He went nuts because of his brother and the guilt or something." she replied waving her hand towards Reuben.

"Let me guess, he told you that? No, not what happened at all." Ash interrupted. "Dagan went bonkers because you two were separated. You can't leave again anytime soon."


Finn sat on the floor in front of the large cauldron, candles and incense burning throughout the house. Wind chimes gently clanked together, as they swayed in the wind outside of every window. The familiar chanted under his breath till it was just a hum to his own ears.
Spinning around, he nodded as he pulled the tinted glasses down to the edge of his nose, as the figure stood then just outside of the door. "Don't for a second think I'm going to invite you in, cause we both know that would be a mistake." he stood up, his right hand ready to shoot an energy orb if needed.
The figure was nothing more then a cloud of black smoke to the naked eye, but the cat could see the spirit within the wisps.

"Don't know you. You're not the witch who lives here." it turned ready to leave.

"She's dead. I need to know why? Who?"

The spirit turned again looking up at the barrier that was the uninvited doorway. "Don't care."

"What if I could give you the guy who stole your powers? The one who killed your mother, would you help me then?"  his voice took on a near meowing sound then. The spirit turned around again in a full circle as it rose above the ground then settled back down inches from the threshold.



Our heroine dragged her tired sore body into the old witch's cabin, noticing Rolf passed out on the sofa. His long mass of dark curls completely covering his face like a veil. She moved as silently as possible past him to the bedroom, spotting Reuben in the spare bedroom as she walked past it, having circled around to the back and jumping through the window. She sighed to herself, wondering why she hadn't thought of that too?  Most likely, because unlike Reuben, her sense of smell was lacking, keeping her from having sniffed out that there was a sleeping werewolf in the living room.
Crossing to the closet, she started searching for something else to wear.

"What happened to you?" she jumped as Dagan's voice slithered around her.  Letting her shoulders drop, she hung her head in defeat.

"What are you doing here?" the dress she had in her hand was never going to fit. Putting it back, she sighed settling on an oversized men's shirt.  Must have been an old lover of the witch she thought.

"I was sleeping till you came in all smelling like mud and smoke."

"I mean what are you doing here in my room?"

Opening his eyes wide so that his eyebrows were meeting his hairline, the male smiled in the darkness. "Seriously? Your room?" he let a low growl build in his chest as he grabbed a hold of the far end of the mattress, dragging himself towards her and to his feet in one quick movement. "You're forgetting sweetheart who's room you took over completely back in the castle." he was behind her then, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf, his fangs dangerously close to her neck as he sniffed her ear. She felt the air around them shift as he planted both arms firmly on the door frame of the closet above her head, barring her from the rest of the room. "Seriously, what happened? You look like hell."

"Amazons, mermaids, fire...yeah that about covers it." she ducked under his one arm and made her way back out to the hall towards the bathroom closing the door.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (another straight up story piece. Should our heroine end up with one of the werewolves or with the familiar?)

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