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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 66, chapter 66

Finn walked across the small stones with all the grace and balance of the cat he was. His movements swift and sleek. Our heroine sighed as she watched from the large fallen tree she was sitting on a few feet away from the small stream.  The familiar bent down studying the water, his hand batting at it, holding up his prize. A small pickerel gleamed in his hand. "Dinner." he grinned at her as he made his way back to the make shift seat.

"Impressive. But, I've seen Reuben snatch a rabbit out of mid jump while hanging by his knees from a tree."  Finn looked at her, pulling the tinted glasses down his nose, his shoulders slumping in defeat.

"You and those damned dogs." his voice was nearly a hiss as he tossed the half dead fish back and forth between his hands playing with it. "Freaking hell hounds."

"Right, I forget you're a cat." our heroine said scratching at her right shoulder. "So what do you think is the reason you stayed in human form?"

"My witch is dead. I can only guess that her magic died too?" he shrugged still playing with his food. "I could get used to being a human all the time. Thinking like a human, like a man." he smiled at her, leaning towards her for a kiss. She nodded as a hot blush coloured her skin. "Your friends don't seem to like me much."

"Don't think like that. Werewolves are the most honorable loyal lot I've ever come by." she replied, a vision of Rolf and Ash filling her mind.

"Yeah, but what do they think of you?"

"What do you mean?"

Finn stood up, reaching for her hand with his free one, the now dead fish in his other. "Wouldn't you like to know just what it is that's on their minds? I mean..." he shrugged pulling her along behind him as they walked back towards the cabin. "you keep making comments about how they're not interested in you, but I bet you if you could read their minds, know what they are really thinking you would have a whole new perspective on them." he looked at her over his shoulder winking. "Oh come on, don't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind?" our heroine shook her head, mouth open. "Really? One poor defensive female alone with a bunch of rapid dogs. At some point the situation is going to get to them and one will make his intentions clear. Trust me, the full moon the other night was just a taste of the reality."

"That technically was a spell." our heroine answered as she listened to the sound of their shoes crunching on the fallen leaves.

"Technically. But what's to stop them from deciding to make the best out of a bad situation? You're a limited supply of something and eventually, someone will cave. Wouldn't it be easier to know what they are thinking?"

"I think you're insane for even thinking it. Trust me, I know what they are thinking and what you're thinking isn't even in the same thought patterns as what they are capable of thinking."

"Well, I'll prove I'm right. I have a truth spell." 

Dagan was sitting on the sofa, his elbows on his knees, hunched over reading the large book in front of him on the coffee table when his ears twitched. Closing his eyes for the briefest of seconds, he took a deep sniff of the air. "They're back. Are you ready for dinner?" he asked not bothering to look at the other three werewolves.  Reuben clanked his spoon to his bowl, a slight look of amusement in his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes. "Not what I meant." Dagan replied flipping the page of the large book, then scratched at his jaw. The door opened as our heroine and Finn entered the cabin.

"Whoa." the female said leaning against the door frame, her hand to her forehead. "Yeah, okay." she mumbled as she shook her head.  She found herself standing next to the Seer without having remembered moving towards him.
Finn walked around the room, standing behind Rolf.  The large male didn't even feel the small bolt of energy that seemed to engulf him as Finn cast his spell, before turning and doing the same to Reuben and Dagan.

"You know what? I'm tired of always being forgotten." Rolf commented. "You all think that just because I'm the biggest, the strongest that that's all I'm good for. Lifting things, carrying things. I get shoved into the shadows and you all figure it's okay." he ran his hands through the long mass of dark curls, taking a half step his hands then out in front of him. "No, you know what, I've got a brain, in case you forgot. And a heart. I don't voice my opinions as often as I should because I know you won't listen. What's the point right?" he shrugged, flicking his hair out of his face. "You just think I'm nothing but muscle. And I'm really really tired of cleaning up everyone's messes. I'm not your babysitter, or your janitor. But yet, all the time, Rolf will handle it, Rolf is good with that sort of thing, Rolf we need a large wall moved, Rolf can you break down that door, Rolf carry the moose we just caught for dinner, Rolf I accidentally ate the neighbours make sure no one finds out." he stormed off out of the cabin.

"One down, two to go." Finn whispered.

Reuben stood up from the kitchen table, his chair scrapping the floor as he did. "And what about me? I get treated like a child." his voice cracked as he too flicked his hair out of his face. "None of you trust me to do anything more involved then picking up a few bottles of milk from the market square. You always leave me out of the loop when it comes to the big decisions. I'm an adult, it would be nice to be treated like one." he turned and jumped out the window landing in a perfect shoulder roll before stomping towards the woods.

Finn stood in the kitchen, his arms crossed and a look of puzzlement on his face. "That wasn't really what I was expecting."

Dagan made a noise as he cleared his throat, jumping over the back of the sofa, to stand beside our heroine. "What you were expecting?" he pouted, leaning towards Finn then rocking back on his heels. "Why would you be expecting anything? Unless..." he sniffed wrapping his one arm around our heroine's shoulders, resting his chin on her hair. "you cast a spell. Is that it huh?" he squeezed our heroine punctuating the question. He sniffed again, snarling.

"Finn was convinced that I had no clue what males, really thought of me." 

Dagan smiled, nodding against her hair. "So you used magic on us? And you're wondering why it's not working on me?" Dagan pointed to himself. "It's not working because I haven't kept anything from anyone. I've been completely up front about everything that I am thinking."  Our heroine licked her lips as she wrapped her own arm around Dagan's keeping him from pouncing on Finn.

The Seer took a half step forward picking an invisible hair off of Finn's shoulder, rubbing his thumb and finger together. "And with that, I'll go find the others." he smiled wide leaving the cabin.  Finn raised both hands letting the one not  holding the fish slap against his thigh.

"So I was wrong. No real harm done." he moved towards the door, spinning back towards them. "I'm going to be at my witch's place. I'll see you later."  he was about to lean in an give her another kiss, but decided against it given Dagan still had his arm draped over our heroine's shoulders. Once Finn was gone, she let out a deep breath, closing her eyes.

"What was that all about? I enter the room and the Seer is like screaming in my brain? Since when does he have telepathy?"

"It's part of his seduction skills. A come hither type of thing." Dagan said as he loosened his grip on her. "And he's getting his visions back that's how we knew about the little trick that overgrown puss in boots was planning." leaning in, the werewolf sniffed her shoulder twice.

"No I didn't feed off of him if that's what you're checking for." she said annoyed.

"So what was he trying to prove anyways?" a low growl sound escaped deep in his chest as he began to think about what the familiar was really up to.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Well, whatever it is, he's up to no good. Trying to get between us." Dagan moved from her then and got himself a bowl of the stew. "At first I thought maybe he was after some sort of powers. The Seer's maybe? Just watch yourself. You're our weak link and he knows it." he shook the spoon at her flicking gravy everywhere.

"Thanks so much for that hallmark moment." she headed into the bedroom. Rolling his eyes, Dagan swore as he got up following her.

"I just don't trust him. He's using you and you're too stupid to realize it. There is a reason it's called catting around, tom cats, cat house, cat calls..." he shoved a large spoonful of food into his mouth. "...ees gest rying to wret into boars rants."  Our heroine shook her head in disbelief as she crossed the room, closing the bedroom window just to give herself something to do. She tried not to laugh as Dagan stood in the doorway eating, the bowl right under his chin, gravy splashing over the side of it onto his hand. She watched his reflection in the window as he licked his hand making a slurping sound before turning back around to face him.

"What?" her voice rose a notch as she crossed her arms  moving towards him again.

"Mmhmm." he nodded biting his bottom lip for a second, his eyebrows knitting together as he realized the bowl was already empty. "I said he's just trying to get into your pants. Whatever he's up to, he knows he can get you to do what he wants if he has you thinking you mean something. Then you let your guard down and he gets whatever it is he's really after."  he turned and headed back into the kitchen for another bowl of food. He finished eating, and returned to the room to find it empty. The window was wide open and our heroine was no where to be seen.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. What's Dagan's real issue?)

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