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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 63, chapter 63

"What is that he's got in his mouth?" our heroine asked pointing to Reuben. The caramel coloured wolf had been digging near the graveyard after having chased down a large elk.

"Leftovers." Rolf replied laughing, himself still covered in blood and sweat, his eyes still the amber-grey of the werewolf. "Come on, we've got to eat." he shrugged at her. "And trust me, as much as I like BBQ, it tastes better freshly caught."

"Want some?" a hand reached around our heroine's shoulders shoving a severed boar's leg under her nose. "This place really needs a refrigerator." Dagan commented. "This is why we never get to finish anything. No place to store our leftovers." she turned her head from him in disgust. "No?" Dagan teased as he shook his head getting right into her face. "Relax. Could be worse, we could have gone hunting travelers."

Rolf was laughing at his friend, a deep rich sound as he elbowed our heroine in the shoulder. "You're still really jumpy after all this time aren't you?"  the female covered her mouth as she turned away from the males once Reuben padded into the cabin, chewing happily on what looked like a bone.

"Do you really need to bring it into the cabin? Can't you do something with that outside?"

Rolf turned to her, his eyes back to their human blue, a look of annoyance on his face. "Are you okay?" She shook her head closing her eyes.

"I've been feeling sick ever since the Seer got back. He hugged me, passed out, puked on me when he came to and then passed out again. For some crazy reason, the smell of everything has been making me sick. Can sidhe's get the flu? Can a banshee?"

"No." both Rolf and Dagan said in unison. "Lest, I don't think so? Never heard of either." Rolf continued. "Why don't you ask your little cat buddy?" he gestured towards the door of the cabin, as he busied himself filling a bowl of bottled water and putting it on the table for Reuben, before grabbing two more bottled waters for himself and Dagan.

"He's gone thanks for noticing." she replied. Our heroine then crossed to the table and leaned down so that her face was on her crossed arms, as she watched in pure fascination the caramel werewolf drinking.  Reuben turned his eyes up at her and growled before jumping down from the table and heading towards the empty bedroom. He sneezed making a sound between a huff and a grunt as he did. The sounds of him transforming back into human filled the small cabin for the next few minutes, before the male emerged from the darkened room. Our heroine spun around as she watched Reuben move across the room. "I ever tell you that you have a lovely neck? Specially that spot right below your adam's apple?"

"That your way of asking if you can feed off me?" Reuben asked picking up the water bowl and slurping from it, droplets gleaming off the edge of his beard as he did, before wiping the back of his hand across his mouth.

"Am I the only one you haven't fed off of?" Rolf asked a hint of disappointment and shock in his tone.

"Yes sweetie you are. But right now..." she moved towards Reuben licking her lips. "His blood smells the sweetest. What have you been snacking on?" she closed her eyes leaning her forehead on his shoulder.

"Ha!" Reuben pointed at Dagan. "Told you! You owe me five coins." he pulled his hair back into his trademark too smooth to be human ponytail, draping his arm around our heroine's shoulders, slapping her in the chest with his palm. "Sorry. I must have eaten like a pound of apricots while this one here went for the strawberries..."

"I hate strawberries." our heroine interrupted.

"...cause he got the brilliant idea to see if it was the...hey!" he felt her bite into his arm near his elbow. Watched as she grabbed his wrist with both hands twisting his arm slightly to get him to straighten it. He relaxed just enough for her to do so, as she fed.

"Okay, enough." the voice seemed to be coming from in front of her, mixing itself into the fogginess of the blood-haze. "That's been almost a full minute, keep it up and you're going to have a 200 pounded werewolf pass out on top of you." 
The banshee pushed away from the tall male when she realized it was Dagan's voice scolding her.

"Sorry Roo." her voice was a seductive hush as she wiped her mouth, smearing more of the blood then actually wiping it away. "Apricots are a favourite of mine. So, did you figure out what happened to the timber wolves?"

Dagan shook his head staring at the floor. "We went to talk to Ash and Leo, but they must have been out hunting because we didn't see them. But, once the Seer wakes up, we should try to get him to look into it." he smiled at his own joke. "I think I'm funny." he turned then towards the cupboards opening and closing them looking for a coffee mug, mumbling to himself.


Steam rose from the center of the small clam shell being used as a cauldron, as the herbs were sprinkled around it in a circle. The sea witch chanted as she leaned closer, a necklace made of tiny bones and broken coral clanked against the edge of the shell as she did.

"What do you see?" a young boy asked. He sat a few feet away on a large rock by the edge of the water.

"My sister was right. Change is more then upon us, it's begun. Then again, she made it a point of always being right. It's what got her killed in the first place." she waved her left hand towards the boy, letting him know to keep silent. "But there is something else. We will wait. This is not our fight at the moment." she tipped the shell over spilling the contents onto the circle of herbs, watching them sizzle before kneeling down and reading them like tea leaves. "I'll have to settle with getting revenge on the sidhe for now. That cat will give them enough trouble and when the dust clears, then we make our move."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine... me.   (Straight up story again.  And yes, I wanted to get it written before the pay-per-view tomorrow)

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