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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 73, chapter 73

Our heroine entered Ash's cabin, to find the Seer still sleeping on the sofa. Unaware that he'd been given the sedative, she tried waking him up. After ten minutes, she gave up, sitting down on the floor beside the sofa. 

The Seer rolled over in his sleep, his hand smacking into her.  "Oh my god!" he screamed as he jumped awake, holding his now bleeding wrist.

"Good, you're up finally." she turned to look at him over the edge of the sofa, patting his knee.

"Remind me to call the tooth fairy and have him rip all your fangs out  sometime." the Seer said, shaking his hand dramatically, his face ashen. He opened and closed his mouth as if checking his jaw, rubbing both hands through his hair.

"It's fine. It's always fine, even when you've got it messed up, it's still fine." our heroine moved to sit beside him. "How are you feeling?" She watched as the Seer got his barrings, looking around the cabin taking stock of the light coming through the window, scratching at his neck.

"Hungry. How long was I out?"

"No idea. I just got here." she leaned over wiping the drool from the corner of his mouth. "I'd say from that though maybe a few hours?"

"I was having the craziest dream. I was dreaming that I was hanging out with some dude, and I was talking in code. Something about reading peanuts. So weird. Hey, that's a smashing blouse you're... not wearing...cause you're actually wearing a t-shirt, really ugly one." The Seer rubbed the heel of his palm into his eyes, examining the glittery powder on his face. He growled then as he realized Ash had indeed doused him with fairy dust. "Speaking of nuts, I don't suppose you've got a friend I could seduce? Say a bar maid,  or troll even? Cause I really need to feed."

"Aw, you're so cute when you're desperately freaking out." she traced the dark circles under his eyes. "You're not kidding are you? You really need to lift some energy off of someone." it was a statement not a question, as the Seer turned to face her. He gave her his way too charming to be sincere smile which she'd only seen once since meeting him, then bent his neck till he was leaning on her shoulder.

"Yes." he was starting to whine. The Seer then hugged her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I can feel myself getting weaker." he brushed the back of his hand across her neck. "Do you feel that? All my powers of persuasion are at minimal. If they were up to full, you'd be reacting by now. Totally relaxed and submissive. And you're not."

"Okay, I admit; normally there is a stronger sense of relaxation with your touch." she patted his knee again. "Can you do this without killing the person?"  The Seer moved from her tilting his head to the side, his mouth in a perfect 'o', his eyes squinting.


Leo sat in the far end of the garden, his back pressed against a tree as he read the book. More accurately what he could of the book, as some of the pages were destroyed. He'd seen the book before, many many times when he would astral project during the coma. It had been the Seer's most valued of spell books. Holding the book as delicately as he could, the dark haired male traced a strong finger down the spine of it, across the cover, over the clasp. How often had he witnessed the Seer studying from it and longed to touch the book himself? Who would have thought that something as simple as a book would hold so much promise.
The King turned each page with a caress as soft as a feather, as he allowed himself the chance to remember who else had once owned the book.


The Seer stumbled out of the bathroom, his hair dripping from having showered to find our heroine boiling water for tea. "I still can't believe you burped." she said casually.

"Sorry. And thank you. For sacrifice." he stood beside her, his palm flat as a small bubble appeared with what looked like the inside of a lava lamp. The red coloured liquid rumbling around inside as he turned his palm one direction then the next.

"All I sacrificed was a bit of dignity. You got your boost of energy and no one had to die for it. Besides, I've fed off of you more then once." she handed him a cup of tea, taking note that the dark circles were gone and his colour was back to normal. "Now, in light of you not being able to feed your sidhe side here anymore on a count of everyone wanting you dead, how do you feel about opening that portal and coming with me? "

"After all the trouble I've caused for're helping me." he leaned over planting a quick kiss on her temple. "I had a vision while back about a werewolf killing me. I guess this is what it really meant." he shrugged sipping his tea.

"Okay, answer me something." she sipped her own tea. "How do you shut it off?" The Seer gave her a puzzled look. "I mean, if seduction is how you feed, how do you keep yourself from grabbing their soul or whatever when you just want to shack up? When you want to shack up just for the sake of shacking up. How do you keep from draining them completely?"

His blue eyes went still as he looked over her shoulder at nothing, trying to figure out how to answer her question. "It doesn't work that way."

Our heroine closed her eyes, her palm flat on his chest as she processed the information. "Hang on. You're telling me that you've never just...for the simple act of...hang on. What happens when you fall in love? You going to kill them the first go around? Like a spider or something?"

He cleared his throat feeling like he was under arrest. "Where is this going?" his voice raised a few notches as the Seer closed his eyes, slamming his cup on the table sloshing the tea.

"Just trying to figure out who you really are under all that hair gel."  They both turned as the door to the cabin opened, exposing Leo. He was hugging the book like his life depended on it, the few talismans hanging out of the bottom like bookmarks.

"Any news?" the older werewolf asked as he crossed to stand beside them. Smiling down at our heroine, he put the book on the counter away from the Seer.

"We're running away together it will be tragically romantic." our heroine said in a fake British accent her one hand across her forehead for effect.

"What about Dagan?" Leo asked as he poured himself a cup of the tea. "That sire bond and all." The Seer nodded pointing his finger at her, his eyes wide eyebrows raised. 

"Dagan." she let out a deep sigh as she reached for a cinnamon stick from the bowl of spices and stirred her tea. "Dagan, Dagan?" she stood on her tip toes with her hand parallel with the top of Leo's head. "About this high, wickedly yummy arms, blue eyes that you can get lost in, dimples for hours, an ego the size of Montreal, and an addiction for slaughtering me? " she stuck the cinnamon stick in her mouth.  Both males waited for a few long seconds for her to respond. Leo bent his neck towards her making circles with his hand as they waited for her to continue. "You so don't want to know what's percolating in my mind on him."  she turned to the Seer. "Which are your fault. You started it."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.)

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