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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 68, chapter 68

"What happened here?" Reuben asked as he walked backwards a few feet behind Ash, his eyes filled with anger.

"I don't know." our heroine replied as she struggled to keep up. She turned when she realized the other male was still walking behind them. Leo said nothing as he followed, letting Reuben grab our heroine's arm forcing her to speed up her pace.

"How do you not know?" Reuben's voice rose in volume and became pinched as he continued to talk at her, as if scolding a child. "You were there, you were with him, how could you not know what happened?" They stopped once they got to the cabin, the very tall angry male not letting go of her as he spun her around to face him. "He's got a silver arrow in him. I find you with glass embedded in your skull, burn marks and smoke inhalation." he grabbed her face between both hands then, prodding his fingers into her mouth. "Your one fang is chipped. How do you chip a fang? You're going to need to feed for that to fix itself." he shook his head still holding her face tight in his hands.

"Is the Seer going to be okay?" she asked once he let go. The dark haired male nodded sniffing.

"Should be. Whomever it was, never finished the job. He's in one piece. But how did you get from the lighthouse to the forest, and why was he in wolf form?" 

Our heroine closed her eyes rubbing at the spot where the glass had been. "I honestly have no idea. We were talking, I fell asleep, next thing I know you're screaming at me."

"You fell asleep? Nos, for starters there is no way you could have slept through all that and second, Leo saw you carrying the Seer, well dragging him more like it, which is when we came looking for you."

"What do you mean he saw me?"

"I was astral projecting. It's more then second nature to me now after all those years in the coma." he smiled at her, bringing his hand up to his face, passing it in front of his eyes as if that was explanation enough.
Our heroine then turned from them, making her way into the cabin finding Ash standing near the fireplace, a ridge of worry between his eyebrows. The Seer was sitting up on the sofa, back in human form, a large purple mark on his side from where the arrow had been.  He said nothing, turning his eyes up to look at her from under his thick lashes as he examined the rapidly healing wound.
Sitting beside him our heroine asked him what had happened?

"You fell asleep, were having some sort of nightmare so I doused you with fairy dust, just a little, just to calm your nightmares." he said holding his hand up to keep her from yelling at him. She noticed the large burn still on his palm. "I transformed, cause I needed to hunt, and when I got back, there was someone there. I couldn't get a good look at them. They seemed to be cloaked, and I mean a long black robe. But whoever it was, they have powers cause..." he shook his head closing his eyes as he squared his jaw, continuing to speak through clinched teeth. "...they set the place on fire with a snap of their fingers."

"I've seen you do that, so?" our heroine said shrugging. "Use fire like that."

"In small doses, to light a candle, not the way they did. Not setting a building on fire. You don't understand. That's a gift I was born with because of my witch side. There are not many who can master that. It's not like learning to sing or something."

Our heroine moved a few centimeters closer to him, her hand on his arm. "How did we get out? And how did you get shot?"

The Seer ran his thumb over the burn on his other hand starring at the floor. "It's a bit of a blur. Before the cloaked guy left, he produced the arrow and I really thought that was it; you know. I was hit, the next thing I know, you're grabbing me and we're crashing through the window. I don't even know how you woke up? The fairy dust wouldn't have worn off yet." his voice became a high pitched sound as he slapped his hand against his thigh then cringed. The burn wasn't healing as fast as it should have.

"Well, I guess that explains the reason I was chalked full of window. But I didn't wake up till after Reuben and them found us." she traced circles on his palm with her fingertips trying to sooth his burn.

"I think it was your ability to astral project. I really have no other explanation. I just wish..." he turned from her letting out a deep sigh as he threw his head back staring at the ceiling, before running his hand through his hair. "I should have seen it coming. The longer I'm unable to..." he moved his other hand in small circles, pouting. "...seduce someone, the less powers I have. It's been a few days, and I'm getting weaker because of it. My werewolf side is burning through my magical energy so to speak faster then I would have ever thought. My visions, the one thing that makes me really what I am, are..." he stood up moving from her a few feet pacing back and forth. "depleting." the Seer turned then sharply on his heel, stopping in mid-step. "I'm going to starve to death. Do you understand?"

"Oh settle down, you're not going to starve to death." Ash said from where he was still standing by the fireplace. "You still eat normal food. Werewolves eat normal food. Witches eat normal food. Your body still functions on normal food." he crossed then to the kitchen table, picking up a tea cup and making himself a cup. He let the hot steam glide across his face, taking in the scent of the earl grey. "You will however, become extremely over dramatic and a total pain in the ass if you don't shack up with someone. And yes, you might loose some of those precious powers of yours, which you mostly stole anyways. But you're not going to shrivel up and die because you've gone a few days without seducing someone."

"You don't know that!" the Seer continued in a slight panic.

"I'm willing to bet on it. What I do know, is that you've managed to make a lot of people angry because of your sidhe side. The word is out there in the kingdom about you. You're going to be really hard pressed, pardon the pun, to find anyone dumb enough to be seduced by you because you've alienated yourself from every other species. You really need to lay low for awhile."

"So are you saying you think this has to do with the amazons that were trying to assassinate us earlier?" the female asked standing up stretching.

"What amazons?" they turned to see Reuben standing in the doorway.

"The Seer made an enemy out of a very powerful sea witch who then sent a mermaid after him, who in turn it would seem hired amazons. Don't worry, I took care of the amazons." she commented off handed as she examined her ruined slip.

"Okay that's it you're grounded." Ash replied pointing at the Seer.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story piece. I'd still let the Seer use his powers of seduction on me anytime.)

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