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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 74, chapter 74

Our heroine had started her way back to the old witch's cabin, the situation with Finn forgotten. She felt secure in having nearly talked the Seer into her plan to leave as soon as possible. The idea of going home made her smile as she made her way through the darkest part of the forest, the sounds of the frogs in the nearby stream guiding her.
That was until a figure leaning against a tree startled her. He was purposely crunching the leaves with his boots, the upper part of his back pressed against the tree, his hair caught in some of the bark. A large bottle dangled from his hand, empty except for a few drops of  rum.

"Dagan." she let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding.  The werewolf turned his eyes at her, not moving from the shadows of the tree. He finished the bottle off, tossing it into the darkness of the forest.

"I followed you back to Ash's." he shrugged. "Not even sure why? Just a hunch. This odd churning in the pit of my stomach." he gestured to himself, his palm flat. "I heard everything. Every little whimper, every little scheme, your betrayal." he launched himself away from the tree, shaking his head, eyes wide as he felt a short wave of dizziness. "Are you working with the Seer so that he can challenge me for my alpha position? Is that it? Or is there something worse going on? You two are always huddled together planning something. Whispering, laughing. Always laughing. How is he more fun then me? How is he more interesting? Is it the magic?" he brought his hands up to his sides. "I'm interesting. People...people tell me all the time how interesting I am. So why don't you? What is it about you that I can't figure out?" he had advanced towards her, a sadness in his eyes. He kept advancing till he'd backed her up against another tree. "I keep trying to figure you out, but I can't...can't make sense of you. You're in my head, in my veins." he twitched his shoulders, closing his eyes Dagan began hitting the tree above her head. "I guess that's my own fault though." he grabbed her neck, his fingertips leaving marks on her pale skin. "I should never have drank your blood. So that's on me. That's...that...but still." he let go turning a few steps as she slid down the tree sitting at the base of it.  "Everybody leaves me. My parents, they left me when they died. Okay, that couldn't be helped. My brother Harker left me when he ran away scared the night I was attacked and turned. Coward. I forgave him, I did. Sure you can find someone at any given time to waste a few hours with. Shack up with, as long as you stay in human form and don't mention the wolf." he brought his fingers up to his lips making a sshhing sound. "But you can't, you can't be honest with them. You can't build a future on that. You can't have friends. You know why?" he ran his hand through his hair first fixing it, then back to front messing it up. "Because they get scared you're going to eat them. That you're going to wolf out." he cracked his neck rolling his shoulders. "So no building a future with anyone. How long can you hide who you are? Right, I mean, if they learn you're a werewolf, it's all about the trying to kill you." he was swaying as he got in her face. "And then, and then you show up." Dagan patted her on the hair. "You didn't run. Didn't freak out with trying to set us on fire or bash us with a rock to our heads." he pointed at her. "No, you just accepted it. Like it was normal. Like I was just normal. And now you're leaving. Taking the normal with you." he fell on his knees in front of her, leaning over. Dagan tilted his head, his lips showing the abuse from him having been chewing on the bottom one. "Why cou...couldn't you just have been pretty? I can get over that. It would be worse maybe if you were, cause then they'd all be trying to force you to leave me." he fell over completely, grabbing her elbow, his glass like nails digging into the soft pale flesh of her arm. Blood appeared making it difficult to keep his grip. "I think that I'm a bit drunk. I think that I drank too much of that bad rum. Bad...ba...bad tasting." he crawled closer to her, resting his face in her lap. "Good talk. I think I need to make the forest stop for a bit. Wake me when the forest has stopped spinning."

It had started to rain, the scent of the grass filled his nose, the sound of the drops echoing in his sensitive ears. Dagan opened his eyes begrudgingly, sitting up. His skull was pounding with the migraine he was now suffering from.

"We'd better get to the cabin." our heroine whispered standing up. Dagan nodded, growling as he leaned his forehead against the tree.

"Forest is still spinning."

"Start walking. The rain might clear your head." the female headed in the direction of the cabin refusing to look at him.

"You never answered my question." he grumbled, kicking at the pile of wet leaves.

"Didn't realize there was one?" Nosferatu stumbled as the weight of his arm suddenly crashed across her shoulders.

"Okay I'm walking. Walking, walking, walking home." licking his lips, he let his tongue hang out of his mouth panting, his eyes turned to the amber-grey of the wolf. "Why is it you would rather be with anyone but me?" his voice cracked on the last word. "Haven't we become friends?" he turned her to face him, resting his chin on her hair, as the rain pounded down on them.

"You're paranoid." the female said as she started to shiver from the rain. Dagan brought his hand up to her face, his thumb and finger touching her nose.

"Just a tad." throwing his head back, he opened his mouth wide, letting the rain fill it before spitting the water back out. "Ever notice, whenever we're alone it's raining? We seem to create storms or something. Is it you think because we don't seem to keep anything inside?" he gestured to his stomach again. "And the gods are picking up on it?" he smiled at her then, his fangs suddenly exposed.

"What is wrong with you?"  she moved from him, entering the cabin. Dagan was a step behind her. He planted both hands firmly on the kitchen table as our heroine started up a fire in the fireplace.

"I hate loosing. And if I'm going to loose my alpha position, I'd rather it be because someone challenged me, properly to a fight. Not because they took a cheap shot and stole..." he gestured towards her. 

"I've seen you take what you want when you want it. If someone challenges you, I can't see you loosing to them, lest not for long." she moved past him grabbing a blanket wrapping herself up in it."If there is something else you want, I know you'll get it, just take it."

"I would if I could." he made a noise that was pure frustration as he followed her around the room smacking into her as she shuffled a few steps trying not to get tangled up in the blanket. Linking his hands behind his neck, he stood there looking down at her.  The male was completely human again as he stood there, his breath hitting the top of her hair as he waited. "It's like you and other people's houses, you need to be invited in."

"You're invited."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story again. And I think we have better hide the rum)

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