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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 65, chapter 65

"Okay, answers." our heroine said as she crossed her arms giving her cleavage a boost. Finn took two large strides towards the cart, grabbing the timber wolf showing her it's eyes, they were completely empty.

"I went back to my witch but she was dead. And that's when I found the wolf. It was laying beside her, on the floor dead. Whoever killed my witch, killed it and took it's eyes. I came straight back here."


"Is that cinnamon I smell?" Reuben asked as he barged into Ash's cabin, a large basket in hand. The very tattooed male turned to look at the younger werewolf, taking a quick step towards him.

"Don't touch that! It's not for you. It's going to be an offering." he said slapping Reuben's hand away from the apple pie. "I've already had a hell of a time keeping Leo from eating it."

"You bake?"

"No, I traded some leather for it. I needed certain things for an offering, and thought that was the easiest way to do it."

The younger male sniffed, as he opened the picnic basket, taking out a bottle of milk, some fresh bread and a handful of brass buttons. "Okay, not going to pry. But, I was told to bring these to you. You never mentioned that you had a female?"

Ash shrugged as he returned to his task of cleaning the mustard painting off the wall. "I don't. Who's it from?"

"Some female in the market. I don't know. Never seen her before. She came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and said to give these to the leather maker. I assumed she meant you."

"Well, that's nice. Suspicious, but nice." Ash shook his head letting out a deep breath, his cheeks puffing out as he did. "You learn anything about the timber wolves?"

"No, nothing. I'm taking it you didn't either?"

Ash shook his head closing his eyes. "That's what the offering is for. I'm going to invoke Herne, the god of the forest."

"With apple pie?" Reuben raised an eyebrow at him, leaning on the table. "Why apple pie?"

"Well, you can't offer meat. He is the guardian of the forest. You offer a dead animal and you will just get killed." he shrugged. "It would defeat the purpose and offend him."

"He's right you know." the voice was low but the shadow long as they both turned to look at the man blocking the doorway and therefore the sunlight. Leo was standing there, one shoulder against the door frame, arms across his chest.  He had finally decided to transform back to human from his wolf self.  Reuben was surprised to hear the king talking, and found it a bit eerie. Crossing then into the cabin, Leo stood next to Reuben. He carried himself now like someone important, someone brave. It was as if he was a totally different person then the man who had only a few days before, made the daisy crowns and painted on the walls.  "That's why I always trusted your advice. You're smarter then you look." he smiled pointing at some of the tattoos.  Ash said nothing, just nodded smiling in return. "Aw, you redecorated." he teased pointing to the now clean wall.

"It was starting to smell."


Dagan stood in the kitchen, leaning over the Seer's shoulder inspecting the pot he had in front of him. "Why are you peeling potatoes?"

"Someone has to make the stew. I have yet to see you make anything other then a mess."

Dagan nodded, his mouth open, his eyes slits as he debated if he should hit him or not? He decided to let it slide. "Where's our little pain in the ass?"

The Seer gestured with the knife he was using towards the side wall. "She went for a walk down to the lake with Finn."  he said way too causally. Dagan smirked then as he picked up on the distaste in the Seer's tone. It was clear no one liked or trusted Finn other then our heroine. Dagan could only imagine why. He shivered involuntarily.
The pot of water crashed to the floor, potatoes rolling everywhere as the Seer fell to his knees screaming in pain, both hands at his temples. He started to transform, his left hand bleeding from where he was still clutching the pairing knife. Dagan could do nothing but jump back a step pushing the kitchen table and chairs out of the way for him to give him room.
He remembered the first few times he had transformed after being bitten. The pain he felt, the torture he seemed to go through till he learned to relax into the transformation. To control when it happened. The Seer was a long way still from being able to control the pain, mostly because his transformations seemed to be connected to his visions. There was no warning for the Seer.  Crouching down on his heels, Dagan waited for the new werewolf to come to his senses. The wolf shook himself as is shaking off water, then gave a whimper as he crawled a few centimeters on his belly.  Patting the caramel coloured wolf on the back between the shoulder blades, Dagan sighed.

"You'll be okay buddy promise." he could feel the other werewolf's pain and felt pity for him. The sound of bones cracking echoed through the small cabin as the Seer fell limp beside him. Sitting down flat on his butt, Dagan watched as the wolf transformed back into human form, and waited for him to revive.

It took nearly twenty minutes before the Seer found himself gasping for air. "You didn't have to kill me!"  he screamed getting to a kneeling position, looking up at the other male. 

"Get misty and tell me what you saw."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story piece.  A naked Seer, yes please.)

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