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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 75, chapter 75

Reuben walked into the cabin, to find our heroine perched on the back of the sofa, a cup of hot tea in hand, staring at the wall. Sitting beside her, he wrung out his long dark hair, splashing water everywhere. "What's going on?" he asked. Our heroine did a double take, as she smiled at him, reaching over to wipe the chunk of fur from his beard. "I had raccoon for lunch."

"This wall is still bothering me. The fact I read in the old witch's spell book that she was a seer herself, has me wondering if this big empty space on the wall wasn't always empty?"

"You think she had a giant crystal ball or something?" he smirked at her as he crossed his muscular arms over his chest.

"Yes." she sipped her tea. "Not a crystal ball, but maybe a scaring mirror?" she stood up again, tapping on the wall. "But I don't see any discolouration from like if a mirror or picture had been removed."

"Maybe she had her visions like the Seer? You know, migraine style." Reuben remarked shrugging. Our heroine shook her head crossing to the kitchen table where the book was sitting. She showed Reuben the page that referred to being able to see the future. There was no talk of headaches or strange dreams or visions, just that she'd seen the future clearly.

"I just can't shake the idea, sorry hon."

The werewolf tilted his head, turning his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes up at her from under his hair. "Something else going on? You seem..." he pulled his hair back into his trademark ponytail. "Like something else is on your mind." she shook her head again, reaching over once more to wipe some blood off his eyebrow.

"Nothing important." her hazel eyes drifted over him, the vein at his wrist grabbing her attention. She licked her lips as Reuben reached his own hand to her hair, his strong fingers delicately tapping at her temple.

"When did this happen?" he asked.

"When what?"

"This, right here." he grabbed her by the shoulders guiding her to the bathroom, making her look in the mirror. "Your hair. You've got a big streak of grey at your temples."

"That's impossible." she answered closing her eyes. "Vampire's don't age."

"Don't banshee's have ghost white hair though? Maybe your powers are getting stronger?" he sighed.

"Maybe." she shrugged.

"Maybe what?" they heard Dagan's voice as he appeared behind them in the mirror.

"She's got grey in her red." Reuben said scratching at his stomach. Dagan leaned over cracking his neck like he was about to get into a boxing ring, then turned towards the mirror himself, ducking and weaving as he checked his own hair.

"That's weird. You were fine an hour ago." he looked over his shoulder at them. "Don't be so dramatic. Both my mom and my aunt ended up with their hair going grey like that. At the temples." he brought his hand up running his fingers through her short hair.

"They sisters?" Reuben asked.  Dagan shook his head pouting.

"My uncle Victor's first wife. Both married into the family." he continued to play with her hair, not paying attention to the way our heroine was glaring at him.  She shoved him hard, moving away from them both. "That's not very nice." Dagan remarked as he leaned on the doorframe of the bathroom, one hand at his waist.

"Married into." Reuben continued, scratching now at the back of his skull, his eyes filled with mischief. "So you claimed her as your mate?" he asked staring at his friend. Dagan stood up straight, a look of worry suddenly on his pale face. Squaring his jaw, he pointed at his own chest eyebrows raised.

"I haven't claimed anybody. You know beyond the sire bond." all the colour drained out of his face, leaving him ashen as he thought about the last hour. Dagan fell to a crouch sitting on his heels, hands now in his hair. "Damn it!"  Reuben was laughing so hard he was nearly out of breath.

"You shacked up with her already having the sire bond. Sounds like a claiming to me." he gestured towards our heroine who had gone back outside into the rain. "And let me ask you something else. Did you by any chance while you were mindlessly shacking up with the banshee that you created; strengthen the sire bond yet again by partaking in another blood exchange? At all? "  Reuben was clearly too happy to hear that the other werewolf had blindly done just what he'd predicted from the start.

Dagan let out a very aggressive sounding sigh as he rolled his eyes at him, standing back up. Slouching his shoulders the male bit his thumb. "I really hate you right now."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Why is Reuben the only one happy?)

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