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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 70, chapter 70

Our heroine walked back into the bedroom after having showered and changed, to find Dagan sitting on the floor, a wooden box open in front of him, and candles everywhere. "Are we having a seance?"  she leaned over blowing out a few of the candles. "I already escaped one death by fire tonight, can we try not to go up in flames again?"

"Check out what I found." he grabbed her wrist, dragging her down to sit on the floor beside him. "It was under the bed."

"Okay, and what were you doing under the bed?"

"Trying to fix the squeak. It was getting annoying." he handed her one of the letters he had been reading.  "Oh wait, not that one." he took it from her again adding it to the pile to his right. "That's...I'm keeping that."

"Thanks for the warning."

Dagan wiped the corners of his mouth turning his eyes at her. "It's a recipe for shampoo actually. Come in handy when you've been in wolf form for a few days." he handed it back to her, letting her read the letter. She grunted handing it back satisfied he was telling the truth. "Some of these were dated less then a year ago."

"Didn't Reuben say the old witch was like ancient?" our heroine said as she made a chomping gesture, both hands up in the universal gesture for being scary. "When he decided to snack on her?" 

"Yeah. We'd all seen her wandering around, that's how he knew about this place to begin with. She must have used glamour spells or something?" Dagan commented as our heroine started to read one of the love letters out loud.

"Okay, I can't. This is pretty explicit."

He took the page from her, mumbling as he read the letter semi-silently. "Who do you think it was? There's like no indication who she was having the affair with." he asked, mindlessly wrapping his left arm around her shoulders. She shook her head reading the next letter, then handing it to him.
Our heroine heard the sound of the magic mist as it started to wrap around the werewolf, she wondered what it must feel like for them, literally having their clothes melt away?

"I don't know, but sure seems like they were completely in love." her voice dipped to a whisper.

"I think it's more lust then love." Dagan reached around her grabbing one of the earlier letters. "This is...explicit doesn't cover this passage here." he started to read and even he stopped, as a blush greeted his cheeks.

"Why are we even reading these?" our heroine asked dropping the page she had back into the wooden box. Dagan shrugged pouting at her.

"Thought it would be fun."

"Why the candles? You're a werewolf, you've got perfect night vision."

"They were in the box with the letters." he shrugged again.

"Candlelight and naughty letters. If I didn't know better I'd say that's a recipe for seduction." she leaned away from him a few centimeters; and gathered up all the letters stuffing them haphazardly into the box. She then pushed it away from them with her foot like it was contaminated, before patting the male on the knee. "You're cut off. They're obviously affecting you." 

He cracked his neck like he was about to enter a fight, rolling his shoulders as he first turned to look at her in puzzlement, then at the wooden box with the crumpled pages sticking out from all sides. In the candlelight, he looked so innocent, his eyes cast down. "Affecting me?" he reached for the nearest letter falling backwards on the floor as he did. "What makes you say that?"

"The more you read, the more you hugged me." she reached for the nearest candles, blowing them out.

"But you're just so squishy." he brought his hands up to his face, then pulled them apart like he was playing an accordion, his voice rising a few notches as he did. "Like a big ball of raw dough or something." he continued to read the letter as he lay on the floor on his back. "Or a pile of wet chicken livers."

"And there's the Dagan I know and am disgusted by." she replied as she continued to blow out the remainder of the candles. "Did you learn anything about the timber wolves?"

The male yawned as he sat up putting the final letter back into the box. "If I did, would I be sitting here reading these with you?" he grabbed a hold of her leg, dragging her back beside him. Brushing his hair out of his blue eyes, he made a sound with his teeth before pressing his nose to her throat.

"Why do you do that? Sniff me every time I've been out of your sight for like two minutes?"

"Making sure you're always you." he patted her on the hair, letting his thumb poke her in the eye. "There was this one summer, Reuben was involved with a druid, and out of revenge this shifter made itself look like the druid and well, now we have all learned to make sure the person is who they say they are."

"But you and I aren't invol...." her sentence was cut short as he bit into her neck, tearing a small chunk. Our heroine felt herself drifting as the pain flashed through her shoulders and chest. The way her muscles tightened choking off the air, as the werewolf drank. Her eyes became hazy as she watched in the darkness Dagan's glass like nails rip at his own arm. Moving his face away from her, the male's tongue darted out across his mouth exposing the blood and saliva bubbles on his teeth. He said nothing as he offered his now bleeding arm to her, the look on his face reminding her of a little boy as this strange gleam of innocence softened his features. His blood tasted of a bitter-sweetness that at first put her in mind of chocolate, then she realized it was wine.

Dagan said nothing as he nodded, his top lip curling in a half smirk half snarl, his eyes sparkling with mischief. "We don't have to be. Sire bond remember." he tilted his head to the side, smiling wide at her, his eyes now the amber-grey of the wolf. "And as long as it's my key to being unchallenged as alpha, I'm going to make sure it stays intact."

"Sort of made you insane last time." her voice was a hush as it hit his cheek in a hot blast.

"Well, I can't argue with that." he replied as he ran his hand through his hair fixing it. He bit his bottom lip, making a grunting noise that was all too human, as he pulled her even tighter to him. "Nor do I think I can argue about those letters." he reached for the wooden box and pulled out a handful of the pages. The male then pointed to a passage midway down the page. "I think I could be up for that."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes, another straight up story piece. Turning point people pay attention)

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