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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 76, chapter 76

Our heroine stood near the back of the yard, behind the cabin staring at the small garden as Rolf made his way from the woods. The very large male tilted his head to the side as he moved over to where she was, trying to see what she was looking at.

"What's this?" she pointed to the two sides that had been freshly dug and seeded.

"I had to expand the garden. This middle here was too small to really do much with." he replied as he flicked his hair out of his face, water flying everywhere from the rain. It had managed to settle to more of a drizzle, but a rain none the less. "You should try it sometime." he gestured to the muddy rows. "Connecting with the earth, working towards something, helps clear the mind too."

Our heroine nodded not taking her eyes off of the patch of ground. "Too small for a proper garden. But not too small for say burying something?" she leaned over a step grabbing the shovel Rolf had left beside the back wall of the chicken coop and started to dig.

"You're not going...to...you are." he let his shoulders slouch as he watched her dig.

"Not the whole garden." she replied. "Just the part that was here before." it didn't take her long before the shovel hit something. The two of them each got down in the dirt on either side, and continued to dig with their hands till they had unearthed the object.  Rolf lifted the large five foot iron frame into the house and placed it on the wall.  "See, I told you something was missing from this wall." our heroine continued as she smiled at Rolf. The werewolf sat on the back of the sofa, the ends of his long dark hair now containing clumps of mud from where they had been digging.

"I was really looking forward to not having to scrounge for vegetables this winter." Rolf sighed.

"Cheer up, you still have half a garden untouched. Besides, anything that was planted over the area this had been buried in, once the roots grew enough to hit this, it would have cause it to die. You would have had a big patch of nothing." our heroine commented as she started to pick the mud out of his hair.
Someone cleared their throat. Neither of them bothered to turn, both expecting to see either Reuben or Dagan standing a few feet away. The person cleared their throat again.

"Excuse me." the male voice said causing both Rolf and our heroine to jump. The mirror was reflecting back a third person standing behind them. Turning they saw nothing. There was no one behind them.

"What the hell?" Rolf said moving towards the mirror, his hand out to touch the surface.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you. I don't like to be smudged." the figure was dressed in plan brown clothes that reminded our heroine of someone from the 1800's. He looked to be about mid forties, dark hair, tiny round glasses, pale, and the accent suggested British. "My name is Nathaniel."

"You're in the mirror!"

"Sort of but not really. It's more of a two way window then a simple mirror."

"Um guys!" Rolf screamed "We've got company."  Reuben emerged from his room clearly having been woken up, while Dagan opened the bathroom door, wet from a shower.

"Is that a magic mirror?" Dagan asked pointing. Rolf raised both eyebrows nodding. "Wow, so my little scream queen wasn't so crazy. Something did belong on this wall."

"Scream queen?" the image in the mirror asked.

"Um...banshee." the female said raising her hand. 

Nathaniel tilted his head bowing slightly, his eyes moving as if searching for something. "Right." he said the word as if it had been strained though something, dragging it out. "And could you perhaps tell me what a banshee is doing hanging around a pack of lycanthropes?  Just courious."

"That would take a few days to explain." our heroine said while Dagan checked out the mirror, first grabbing the end away from the wall to see that there really was nothing behind it, then poking it with his finger.

"Well, anyways, if I'm sitting here talking to you, that means that you inherited me from the previous owner, Melinda."  Nathaniel moved around his side of the mirror going completely out of view for a moment, then returned with a sealed letter. He cleared his throat again.

"This is unbelievable." our heroine said shaking her head.

"Yeah, normally these go for about $700 on the black market. We got it for free." Dagan commented as he crossed to the kitchen making a cup of tea.

"Now which one are you? Elizabeth or Gemma?" he said looking over the now opened letter.


"Did Melinda have another granddaughter while I was...uh hum, out of contact?"

"No. The place was abandoned when we moved in." Reuben said from where he was standing, his arms over his chest, his eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf.

"What is the year where you are?" Nathaniel asked scratching at his head.

"2013" Rolf answered.

The image in the mirror removed his glasses, rubbing his eyes as he processed that information. "So you're not even suppose to be there. Unless..." he moved out of view again returning with a large book. It looked to Rolf to be the exact copy of the purple book that the Seer had owned. "Does this look familiar to you?" he held up the book, showing a drawing of the Seer. Rolf grunted, while both Reuben and our heroine said yes. Dagan was still in the kitchen not paying any attention.

"Why did you say this and not he?" our heroine asked squinting her eyes.

"I just meant to look at the drawing."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story today.)

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