Thursday, December 31, 2015

year 5 Day 29

movie: Iron Man 3
starring: Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce
genre: Action, Sci-fi
format:TV Edit

plot: When a series of bombings brings up unanswered questions, Stark begins to research on his own. What he digs up is not just an elaborate plan to kill the president, but ghosts from his own past.

So I got to see one of the missing pieces to the Avengers series. And in true superhero fashion, everything got blown up. Big kabooms all around.
I know this was a tv edit, but I would have liked an explanation to why in the big fight scene at the end, Pearce's character suddenly had glowing tattoos? One second he was normal, commercial break and the next chest full of glowing dragons.

The film seemed to focus a lot on the relationship between Stark and the kid. I don't know if that was the angle of the film originally, or the angle created from the tv edit? But I thought it was interesting and kept waiting for some be revelation about the kid. Which never came. Again, that might have been because it was a tv edit.

what do I think I learned? You can do a lot of damage with x-mas balls and a nail gun.

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