Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Year 5 Day 28

movie:The Suburbanators
starring: Joel McNichol, Stephen Spender
year; 1995/97
format: TV Edit

plot: A bunch of teenagers wander around the city trying to find something to do during the course of the day. Some get arrested, others end up in hospital.

There isn't really a thread of story happening here at all. You literally follow a group of guys around town inter-cutting with another group of guys. Half the characters seem to be looking to buy dope, while the others seem to be trying to retrieve band equipment.
Half the dialogue is in Arabic, and there were no subtitles for their scenes. I was so confused and lost on their segments.  And there seems to be a discrepancy over the year of this film too.

This movie was done at a time when these random style films were popular, but this didn't come as close to interesting as the 1991 film Slacker did.  It's the same premiss; the camera follows person A then we randomly see person B and start following them for awhile, then person C...etc.

what do I think I learned? All I learned was that I need subtitles more often.

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