Sunday, December 6, 2015

Year 5 Day 4

Theme Week p4-Nicolas Cage

Movie: Matchstick Men
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell
genre: Crime, Drama
year: 2003
format: Shaw Video On Demand

plot: When a con-artist is about to pull the biggest con of his career gets a visit from his long lost daughter, he nearly looses his nerve. He soon finds out there really isn't any honor among thieves.

This is based on the novel of the same name.

The fact the lead character here has OCD, lends to a few comedic moments that could have gone horribly wrong, but with Cage pulling it off, it works. There are moments when he's in full phobia mode; like when he's trying to get his medication and finds out the doctor gave him over the counter hormones, where all I could think was his character in Vampire's Kiss.
The ending isn't a full out happy-happy, but it wraps up a bit too clean for what the rest of the film delivers. I would have liked to have seen something else happen to the "business" partner played by Rockwell.  Given the fact Cage's character is really the only one who gets screwed, you end up feeling sorry for him when you shouldn't.

What do I think I learned from this movie? Somethings that seem rock bottom horrible at the time, end up being a blessing in disguise. As the old saying goes when one door closes another opens.

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