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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 247, chapter 247

Out of Time

Hanging up the phone, our heroine let out a deep breath as she stapled the latest round of photocopies together. Her nose twitched the same time as her ears. Someone was in the elevator on their way up. Someone human. She moved across the length of the office, not sure she would be able to handle a face to face client today, with Loki having been gone most of the week, she hadn't fed in a few days. It was starting to catch up to her. The plan was to get through the day hiding indoors and then come night fall, break into a blood bank. Clients coming into the office hadn't been part of her plan.

"Miss. Miss." the male voice said from across the room, as his footsteps moved closer, they were drowned out by the rushing of his blood. It echoed too loudly suddenly, the smell of wet salty copper forced her to turn her back to him, her fangs already breaking through her gums. "Miss..."

"Loki's not in at the moment." she had to cover her mouth with one hand, the other now bracing against the wall. "He's had an emergency and cancelled all his appointments this week." she closed her eyes not able to focus on anything but the fact the guy wasn't moving. The sweat that clung to his skin just under the collar of his shirt where his tie was knotted was heavy with vodka and hinted at thyme. It was barely noon and this man had been drinking heavily already. Our heroine's shoulders jerked as she tried to hide the giggle, as she laughed at the irony of it.  "I'm sorry what?" she moved her hand from the wall, bringing it up to her own throat as she turned, slamming her shoulders hard into the surface. The coolness of the wall now her focus point as she continued to apply pressure to her spine.

"It's not Loki I need to see. I came here to see you." Roger's voice was  low as he leaned over just a centimeter as if he knew the secret to life itself. "It's about a friend of mine. He's a writer..."

"I can't get him a job. Best I can do is book him an appointment." she began as she moved around him, one slim pale arm reaching for the edge of the photocopier for balance.

"No you don't understand. He's already a client here. It's just that I'm worried about him. Have been for awhile. Then the other day when I was here, I spotted you...Edward has been drawing these pictures..." She spun around suddenly at the mention of his name.  "...has been for months, years maybe. And they're all of you. I thought you should know."  Our heroine backed away as she processed what he was saying, still trying to get control of her banshee side.

"Sorry, not feeling very well. We'll have to finish this conversation another time."  she moved as fast as she could without using her werewolf speed, slamming the door to the ladie's room open.  Growling, she slammed her fist into the mirror smashing it. Our heroine realized there was nothing she could do and there was obviously no way she was going to get through the whole day without feeding. "Okay you can do this." she started mumbling over and over again to herself as she slid to the floor, laying on the cold tiles, sweat beginning to drip off her. Her nails had become long glass like claws, both her top row of fangs extended, her eyes the pure white of the banshee. The simple fact that this guy had walked in his fresh blood pumping in his veins would have been enough. But, he had been nervous and slightly drunk which only made the blood flow that much faster.
The last time our heroine had felt like this had been years before when Victor had kidnapped her locking her in the basement.  Back when she only drank werewolf blood.  Werewolf blood. She let the thought tangle in her already swimming mind. That guy had just told her he was friends with The Seer. Worried about him. If she could just get to him, then everything would be alright. She could feed off of him, just long enough to get things under control, then after a few bags of O negative, she could feed him, keep him from anymore attacks. Only one problem. Loki said The Seer didn't even know what he was. Okay, two problems, as Loki also forbid her from hanging around him.
She heard Rodger leave. Slowly she managed to get up, moving out of the ladie's room, back into the main area of the office.  Werewolf blood.  The thought began to echo in her mind. Sniffing, she started to search for something, her mind fighting for control again, the bloodlust becoming more a hazeness and less a demand. Licking her lips, she found the phone book, flipping to the M's. There it was, under metaphysics; the phone number to Rufus's occult store.

The elevator seemed to take forever, as Rufus waited. He ran his left hand through his hair smoothing it down, nearly hoping from one foot to the other as he cleared his throat. Matilda holding her purse to her chest as if someone was about to jump out of the empty space beside them and steal it.  They stepped off the elevator as the doors were opening, to find our heroine pacing back and forth, wringing her hands in between biting her nails. Which were still long glass like claws. Matilda reached into her purse pulling out the container handing it to her. Our heroine snatched it from the familiar with a growl as she ripped the lid off, chugging it back.

"It's cow's blood. From the Scandinavian deli down the street from us." Rufus commented as he watched her practically lick the container clean.

"That's wonderful thank you." she burped. "And he didn't ask any questions?"

"We go there all the time. We get our chicken feet from him for the shop. He just thought we were doing some sort of ritual I'm sure." Rufus continued as he gazed around the office.

"How have you been feeding to this point?" Matilda asked.

"Loki. I've been feeding off of him. Only, he's been away last few days."

"You've been drinking the blood of a god?" the other female asked in complete shock. Our heroine nodded as she stick her fingers into the empty container then licking the blood from them. 

"I should have known the withdrawals would be brutal." she replied wiping the back of her wrist over her mouth, licking her lips once again.  "Speaking of tasty men. That Arthur guy, the one who you gave my address to..." our heroine tossed the empty container into the trash her eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf before returning to their normal hazel, her fangs having retracted once again, and her nails back to normal. "What is he?"

"What do you mean?" Matilda asked still holding her purse to her chest.

"What is he? He didn't smell like a werewolf and I didn't sense any kind of banshee vamp vibe." the banshee said waving her hands around in circles. They both looked at her in pure cluelessness. "The dude who came in for the tea leaf reading the day I was at your shop. The hot blonde with the attitude. "

"Oh him!" Rufus nodded suddenly remembering. He grinned wide "Right he came back later that night before closing, asking if we knew where you lived..."

"I did a locator spell." Matilda said brightly touching her left hand to Rufus's arm.

"Right okay, and what kind of creature is he?"

"He's not. As far as I know, he's just a human." the familiar said turning to look once again at our heroine.

"Just human? That's impossible." our heroine closed her eyes slumping her shoulders, resting her right hand on her desk. "He sent me flowers. Why would a human send me flowers?"  Again they both looked at her in puzzlement. "I mean, sure I had boyfriends when I was human." she stretched out the word 'was'.  "But not one of them ever sent me flowers."

"And this worries you?" Matilda asked tilting her head to the side in the same fashion a dog would when listening.

"You don't get it." turning a half centimeter towards Rufus she brought her hands up between them palms upward. "She doesn't get it. You know what I'm saying right?"  Rufus nodded then shook his head.

"Not a clue." 

"It's a banshee thing. It's a werewolf thing. Whatever. I've had more attention since becoming a supernatural creature, then I ever did as a human."

"Really?" Matilda lowered her eyes blushing. She had one admirer since becoming a familiar.

"Well, yeah. There was that whole sire bond with Dagan, married Vlad." she shrugged.

"And Reuben was your mate for awhile, oh and before that Victor and you were together, and The Seer, Finn, the other seer Edmund, weren't you starting to get close to one of the werewolves in that other pack..."

"Thank you Rufus, you made your point." our heroine cleared her throat scratching at her temple. " point for me. All either lycantrhopes or vampiric. So, there is just no way Arthur is just a human the odds are stacked too high. Did you see anything in his tea leaves? His aura?"   The familiar shook her head.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. okay so the lady is a tramp-vamp...)

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