Friday, December 18, 2015

year 5 day 16

movie: the Rewrite
starring: Hugh Grant,  Marisa Tomei
genre: Drama, Comedy
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A screenwriter is forced to take a job in a college as a writing professor after he finds himself unable to get a job.

I found myself actually liking this. I find the romantic-comedy genre to have become so underwhelming and typical, that I dread sometimes the thought of them. But, this was a bit more "natural" to it's approach. We watch the lead character go from a smug know it all slacker to this semi-wise self reflecting guy.
I love the fact he uses his knowledge of movies to interact with the students and others around him, as if it's a language all it's own. (well yeah it is)

It gives you a bit of a curve ball with the set up to the romance, as you meet a female professor played by Allison Janney who you think is the character who will become the love interest. And I have to say, the scenes Janney and Grant had together really were some of the highlights in the movie. There is one scene they do where they are talking about life and writing, comparing the works of movies to that of Jane Austen. Janney's character calling herself a "Marianne and not an Elinor" then having to explain her Sense and Sensibility reference to him. (The inside joke being that Hugh Grant played Elinor's love interest in the 1995 movie.)

what do I think I learned? Don't judge a book by it's cover, or a movie title for that matter. Sometimes rock bottom is really the only way to realize who we are and where we should be.

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