Monday, December 28, 2015

year 5 day 26

movie: Zoolander
starring:Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell
genre; Comedy
year: 2001
format: Netflix Canada

plot: When an evil fashion mogul finds out the way he does business is threatened, he brainwashes a male model with the intent of having him secretly kill. Once the models figure out the conspiracy, they have one chance to expose the plan. Right after fashion week.

I liked the 80's soundtrack that seemed to be playing through the whole thing. I liked that David Bowie and Billy Zane had small roles. I actually liked the fashion in this, and thought Ferrell should have had a larger role. I was otherwise, unimpressed by it. The whole joke that Stiller's character only has one pouty look through the movie didn't pay off in the end like I'm sure it was suppose to.
The nod to how the fashion industry pulls from strange bits of real life was cute. And having Ferrell's character at one point wearing a garbage bag neck tie was sort of genus.

what did I learn? Nothing, I was too distracted by Owen Wilson's broken nose.

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