Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Year 5 Day 6

Movie: The Baker aka The Assassin in Love
starring: Damian Lewis, Michael Gambon
year; 2007/2008
format: Netflix Canada

plot: After a hit is taken out on him, an assassin decides it's time to quit the business. He does so by hiding out in a small village as the new baker. But it's not long before his cover is blown, and the villagers begin expecting more then just bread when they order from him.

I really dug this film. It had everything from elements of a buddy comedy, to a crime film, to a romance and exploding sheep.

There is a sub-text involving the second hitman who is assigned the bounty for the Baker, that plays out in the last few scenes when they have their big confrontation. Hint- love triangle.
And I love that they named the wannabe Eggs. Cause you can't really bake without eggs most of the time. 

What do I think I learned from this movie:Everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes the most unlikely job is truly your life's calling. Sometimes a chocolate cake is just a misunderstanding.

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