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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 104, chapter 104

 The City...

The scent of raw spices filled the air, leaving a warm haze over everything. Our heroine sipped a cup of hot chocolate, as she listened to someone playing the flute in the apartment across the alley.
It had been three weeks, since she'd woken up from the dream about the library, since the situation had started with Loki.

It had made her realize she was more then just homesick, she was self sick. The female had made a decision as she lay there in bed next to Dagan, searching the werewolf's face for some sort of understanding. That's when she realized, this Loki situation changed everything.
The female had silently gotten her stuff, picked up Tombstone, who had grown to the size of a small labrador, and left the old witch's cabin.
Dagan had not followed her. She had no idea if that was because he just thought she was hiding out at Ash's or if he didn't bother to care? Either way, she found herself at the docks and boarded a ship. Four days later, our heroine ended up in a port city a few kingdoms over.

It had been like walking into a jazz painting. The music, colours, smells all rich and streaming. Silks dipped and draped from every window and doorway, painters sat in the middle of stairwells selling their art for coins, while everything seemed to have a heavy dusting of spice powders. She felt like she could breath again.
By the end of that first day, our heroine had found a job working in a small shop and the tiny apartment. Just enough for her and Tombstone, who had grown to full size. The half timber wolf-half hellhound was about four feet from the floor to his shoulders and five feet from his tail to his nose.

Crossing from her 1950's style kitchen to her 1950's style living room, she petted the beast as she sat down. At lest, she seemed to be in a place that was out of the middle ages. Though stuck in what would seem the decade of  the tv dinner, she did have a refrigerator, toaster and to her bliss, the females in the kingdom wore pants. Okay, so petal-pushers were not her first choice in clothes, but it was better then only having a choice of skirt.
Tombstone sat up straight, his nose twitching as he grunted, making his way to the window, sniffing the pane. The animal then headed towards the front door, sniffing again, his tail wagging as he began to whimper.  Answering it, our heroine had expected to see Dolores, the lady from across the hall with more of her homemade cookies, but she was taken aback to find Reuben standing there.

"Dagan told me what happened." he said leaning on his forearm, his elbow pointing to the hallway.

"So he sent you to do his dirty work?" she asked moving aside so that the tall male could enter the apartment.

"No, He's in the city too. Just got himself chucked into a cell. He was in wolf form when we got to port, and the dog catcher quarantined him. Rolf is handling it."  Reuben commented scratching at his chin.

"Why am I not surprised?" she moved to lock the door, as Tombstone pranced around the werewolf like the giddy puppy he really was, his nose sniffing wildly, tail wagging.

"How'd you find me?"

Reuben flicked his hair out of his face as he turned his eyes to glare at her sideways. "Sniffed you out. Followed your scent to the docks, took a bit to figure out what ship you hopped, but once we did, you know." he shrugged crossing his arms.

"I'm not going back. There is nothing you can say to make me."  she sighed, her hand resting on his arm.

Reuben sniffed, nodding as he took a half step back then forward again. The rustling of leaves indicating the magic mist as his shirt faded in and out for a few seconds. "Is there a reason for this? Is there something you want? That you think you'll find here?" the werewolf asked as he bent to pet the puppy.

"You don't really want the answer to that." the female said letting her hands slap against her tights.

He stood again, smirking at her, his hair falling over his right eye. "When was the last time you fed?" Our heroine walked past the male to the kitchen opening the old fridge showing three blood bags. "What?" Reuben raised his arms out to the sides a tease in his voice. "I'm offering you the good stuff. Lycan circa 1986 and you're telling me you're fine with a bagged lunch?" he raised an eyebrow at her. "Smoother then hundred year old scotch."   She said nothing as she moved closer, grabbing his outstretched arm, biting down hard just above the elbow. They both heard the light popping sound as her fangs broke through the soft area of flesh. His eyes glazed over for the briefest of seconds as Reuben let himself relax into it, throwing himself back against the wall, as the banshee tightened her grip. 
He gave her to the count of thirty before grabbing her by the neck with his free hand, ripping her mouth from him. A low laugh escaped him, as he stared at her, blood smeared across her face.

"You've been snacking on candied ginger." she commented wiping her face.

"I was thinking of you the whole time." he nodded, flicking his hair out of his face as he ran his left hand down his chest, making circle motions on his stomach. He cracked his neck twice. "Just you and how tasty I'd be for you, how sweet my blood would be." he leaned one arm on the wall, as if posing.

"Okay flirty-pants, what's up?" she couldn't help but giggle at his behavior.

"Are you going to raise it? Loki's..." he closed his eyes grunting as he cracked his neck yet again.

"Experiment? I have no idea. I don't know if I'll survive it, if it will survive? If it's going to be human or wolf or some twisted mess? No idea if Loki will take it when it's born, if it's born? What if that's all it is, is an experiment? What if in the end, he just kills it? Or me or something? And what if it works and he puts me through the whole process again?"

"Well, you can't raise it here?" Reuben replied scratching his stomach. "If it survives, if you do and it's a shifter, you're only option is to come back to..." he moved another step closer raising his arms as if he was going to hold her.

"We'll cross that when it happens." she sighed closing her eyes, patting him on the arm. Reuben sniffed, his hair falling into his face as he stared down at her.

"You're looking surprisingly good." licking his lips, the male took a step towards her, a predatory look clouding his face. He leaned in sniffing her neck, his hands digging into her shoulders suddenly, as his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes shifted to the amber-grey of the werewolf. He started to herd her then out of the tiny kitchen around the corner past the pink wallpaper and into the bedroom. His eyes then flashed again, completely black as if they were nothing but empty sockets.

"Reuben?" she started to tremble. The male cracked his neck for the hundredth time, as if needing to stretch. As if his body didn't fit.

"Nope. Just wearing the boy for a few hours." he kicked the door closed behind him sniffing deeply again. "He's really got to lay off the drugs. Makes him so easy to possess." the magic mist appeared and disappeared like a heavy fog. "Such a fighter too!" he shook his head. "See how he's trying to stay dressed. So if you're worried don't be. He's still alive in here. But I figured he was the easiest way to get close to you..." he growled licking her cheek. "He's the one you actually trust the most right?" he licked his lips again smiling wide, his eyes flashing the wolf once more. "The scars I'm going to leave on his mind, on his conscious. Reuben is really going to hate himself when I'm done playing with him." the werewolf tilted his head to the side his face completely hidden by a curtain of hair. He chuckled tightening his grip on her shoulders, pressing her against him. "Werewolves can't actually do what I'm about to do to you. There's just this psychological blockage that Loki imbedded in them to keep them...wholesome. But with me in here flicking the switches..." he pinned her to the bed, his left hand at her throat, rolling his eyes at her. "Well he'll be the first ever to loose his halo." he stuck his tongue out at her, mocking the way Reuben sometimes did. "I'm Pan by the the way." he howled. "Maybe I'll take full advantage of this boy's shifting ability and wolf out second round huh? Trust me when I say, the thought crossed his mind a few times." he winked at her, licking her neck as he covered her mouth with his one hand. The magic mist wrapping around him as his clothes melted away. Her legs were starting to go numb from the weight of being pinned down, the sound of her clothes being ripped echoing in her ears. "I guess I should thank Loki and Bacchus for doing all the heavy lifting. But we're not on speaking terms."

"There's a reason for that." a voice bounced off the walls. The male was tossed across the length of the tiny apartment, smashing into the wall. Our heroine turned to see the librarian from her dream, quickly guessing it was Bacchus.

"We'll finish this later my little nymph." Pan said licking his lips once more as he threw Reuben into the wall a couple of times, his body falling to the floor in a heap as a black silhouette drifted from him, forming into a saytr before shimmering and disappearing. 

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Poor Reuben, being used like that without getting used )

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