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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 109, chapter 109

The Ship...

Reuben stared out over the railing at the water, the crisp salty air cleaning his senses. Tombstone yawned as he stretched out beside him. "They let anyone on this thing." the werewolf said sniffing. He cast a glance over his shoulder at the dark haired male.

"Reuben. Always a pleasure." Harker commented.

"What are you doing here? I thought you had your own ship?" he spat over the edge of the railing, tasting the large rat still that he'd found in the cargo area.

Harker walked over, leaning on the railing beside him. "Normally I do. I came aboard with a few of my men this morning at the last port. I'm thinking of buying this ship, wanted to make sure it's worth it. What are you doing here?"

Reuben scratched at his beard as he turned, leaning his elbows on the railings. "Yeah about that." he grunted, licking his lips as a playful gleam sparkled in his beautiful eyes. "You're going to want to come to my bunk with me." the tall male scratched at his stomach. Harker laughed crossing his arms.

"Reuben, I'm flattered truly I am, but my heart lays elsewhere." he bowed his head slightly closing his eyes.

Tilting his head to the side, a few strains of dark curls falling across his face, the werewolf shrugged. "Trust me, you're really going to want to see what I've got to show you in my bunk."

Rolf's nose twitched with a familiar smell as he jumped out of this bunk, running his hand through his hair. He growled as the door to the cabin opened, revealing Harker along with Reuben, as Tombstone ran in, straight to our heroine's still sleeping form. "What the hell is he doing here?"

"My question. He's the new captain." Reuben's voice was filled with humour.

"Dagan!" Harker spotted his brother taking a step towards him, Rolf's hand firmly in the middle of his chest stopping him. "He's my brother."

"I don't care. You sure didn't seem to over the years." the large male shrugged his eyebrows knitted together, his lips pursed. "You have any idea what Dagan has sacrificed for you over the years?"

"What happened this time?"

"The female devoured him." Rolf answered sniffing.

"She drained his blood?" Harker asked, brushing the werewolf's hand from his chest.

"Not just that. Tore him to shreds. During sex." he started to make a chewing motion.

"Actually I think they were past that part." Reuben said matter of factly. He crossed into the room, sitting on his bunk.  The look on Harker's face clouded as the realization of what they were saying sunk in.

"So he's claimed his mate?" the male wiped at the corners of his mouth as it suddenly went dry.

"Shortly after you left last time." Reuben added letting the magic mist remove his shirt as he stretched out on his bunk.

"So why she hurt him? How did she? I mean, she's not strong enough...physically, to overpower him." Harker's voice was a question.

"She's not the same as when you left. Shes'...she's evolving." Rolf made a wide gesture sweeping the room. Turning, the male let out a deep sigh sitting back down on his bunk. "Don't ask me into what."

"Narsh...blabs...ruff...I'm...running, running!" Dagan gave a start in his sleep, his right leg raising and hitting the bed, both arms up suddenly like he was throwing punches, as a snore echoed. The werewolf started to make chewing motions as he screamed again then woke himself up.
Sweating, blinking wildly he forced himself into a sitting position slowly, the blanket sliding to the floor. Looking around he swore, crawling onto the floor, and into the corner of the room before noticing his brother.  "Harker!" he crawled to him, hugging him; his face flat against his brother's stomach.
Dagan then turned as if a switch had been flicked, staring at the female who was still sedated. Snarling, saliva dripping from his bottom fangs he sprang towards her, landing on the very edge of her bunk. Bending his face to her neck, Dagan sniffed deeply. "I should have known something...something...something was wrong...." he trailed his nose from her collar bone down to her breast. "She doesn't smell like her anymore. She just smells like it." he continued trailing his face to her stomach, then growled again. "Call Loki, I want to return this gift." he poked his finger into her ribs a few times, trying to wake her up.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Harker seems like the news broke his heart)

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