Thursday, January 30, 2014

Year 3 Day 50

movie: The Pledge
starring: Jack Nicholson, Aaron Eckhart
genre: Drama, Crime
year: 2001
format: TV edit

plot: on the day of his retirement, a cop gets a murder case of a little girl. After vowing to find her killer, he becomes obsessed with the case, connecting it to two other open ones, believing it to be the work of a serial killer. He then spends the next year and a half of his life proving his theory.

This is based on a book that was based on a made for tv movie from the 1950's.   Okay, the made for tv movie it would seem came first then the re-telling of the book both in 1958/59 timeframe.

I was riveted to this for the first hour. The second hour, not as much. I don't know if that is because of the fact it was a tv edit or if the story just sort of looses itself at that point?
The ending wasn't what I was expecting, so points for thinking outside of the box. I love when a movie has a twist ending. 
The creep factor, even for a tv edit, comes not from any kind of gore or gross out, but from the fact that things like this actually happen. Crimes like this unfortunately happen too much.  With that said, there are extremely strong elements of the old fairy tale Little Red Ridding Hood.   (little girls, red dresses, treats and wooded/lake areas, which are the obvious references)

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