Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Year 3 Day 45

movie: My Super Ex-Girlfriend
starring: Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson
genre: Comedy
year: 2006
format: TV edit

plot: An average guy starts dating a superhero after he helps her on a bus, only to break up with her because of her jealousy. Soon, she makes his life a living hell. Meanwhile, an evil genius is out to destroy her.

This has a very comic book feel to it, one of those types of movies that should be watched when you're wanting to get over a break up. Some of the revenge scenes are so off the charts slapstick, but all of them carry a thread of truth.  Like throwing the shark into the new girlfriend's bed, or breaking the ceiling in the main character's house, and destroying his car.  Things that most people have dreamed about but have better sense to not try. Not that tossing a shark is really doable.
In a way, it's one of those typical romantic comedies, where everyone pairs off with the person of their dreams.

This movie had it's moments where I laughed out loud, and even nodded with the idea of some of the revenge scenes.

What did I learn? No matter how important, everyone has a weakness.

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