Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Year 3 Day 49

movie: Silverado
starring: Kevin Kline,  Linda Hunt
genre: Western
format: TV edit

plot: After being ambushed by a group of unknown horsemen, Emmett begins a trek towards the town of Silverado where his sister lives, along the way he meets up with a man who was attacked by the same unknown group of horsemen. Emmett has to break his brother out of jail, and help yet another cowboy with ranch stealers. The group find themselves the unlikely heroes of the town, each finding his own version of peace.

A western. Rarely have I seen a Kevin Costner film where he plays anything other then the straight laced hero, but he was the screwball in this film.
I don't know if it was where this was a tv edit or if it was the decade the film was made in, but there were a lot of spots that went to black, the kind you see right before a commercial break only there was none. There was dead air for chunks of this viewing. And it was very distracting for me personally.
I get the feeling this wanted to be a buddy movie, but just never found it's footing.  It was funny enough, the plot was there be it a bit dragged out at times, and the Kevin Kline lead was the most dimensional of the characters.

Didn't love it, didn't hate it.

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