Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year 3 Day 28

movie: Forever 16
starring: Tiera Skovbye, Tyler Johnston
genre: Drama, Crime,
year: 2013
format: TV edit

plot: A 92 year old vampire-teen, is hired by the cops to go undercover at a high school to help take down a drug ring.

When I hear cop drama made in Canada about a vampire, I right off think of Forever Knight and Blood Ties. Two really great benchmarks for mixing cop dramas and vampires. This made for tv movie, obviously was looking to slide in that empty seat.  Only, it was so far off the mark.

Let me jump to the ending and say that it felt unfinished. I have the feeling it was done so in the hopes of a series spin off. The last scene was the vampire being given some information and that was it, it went to credits. It felt to me like that should have been something done in the first ten minutes to push a side plot, but it wasn't. 

The lead character was just...too twilight-ish for her own good. The character came off as boring and stiff. Worrying too much about what the popular girls in school had to say about her, while trying to fit in.  Not too mention, the love interest seemed way too comfortable with the knowledge that they were dating a vampire. It was almost like the crime part of it was forgotten after the first fifteen minutes was over. 
This missed the mark on so many levels.

What did I learn?  It is way past time to get the vampires out of school and into better stories.

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