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The Nosferatu Adventures S4 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 108, chapter 108

The Ship...

"You do realize we can't be angry at her for acting like a werewolf."  Rolf said his eyes closed. The large male was stretched in his bunk, the waves threatening to put him to sleep. Reuben on the other hand, was pacing around their room, too nervous, too angry still to do anything but think. Dagan was starting to heal, the worst of his wounds closed up, but he'd be a few days; having lost so much blood. Luckily, the female hadn't taken the werewolf's heart or severed his skull.
Rolf ended up having to sedate both of them with fairy dust. Tombstone, lay whimpering beside our heroine, the wolf-dog not understanding why his owner wasn't waking up.

"Damn it! I know, I know. Did you see the look in her eyes? Huh?" Reuben punched the wall swearing.

"She's lost her soul."

"How! Huh? Answer me that?"

"That baby she's carrying has a mind of it's own." he shrugged.

"A werewolf baby!" Reuben said taking a half step towards his friend. "She should have more soul, not no soul. Loyalty!" he smacked his fist into the palm of his other hand. "We..." his palm slapped against his chest as he made his point. "...werewolves are what loyalty is about!"  he fell to a crouch, his hands at his beard, not knowing what to do with his energy. Reuben wasn't liking being stuck inside the ship's cabin.

"She's going to have a demi-god. Gods are soulless." Rolf sniffed. Reuben swore as he stomped over to his own bunk, Tombstone suddenly beside him.

"I think he needs to go out." he patted the beast.

"Take him up deck, hold him over the side or something." Rolf muttered.

"I can't do that. Can I?"

"We've got four days on this ship. You'll need to think of something."

"Loki had to give her a huge beast. Couldn't give her a chihuahua."

Rolf opened his eyes to stare in question at Reuben. "You make no sense sometimes."

"This whole situation makes no sense.Why he even do this in the first place?" Reuben flicked his hair out of his face, his voice raising with frustration.

"If this works, he'll be able to repopulate the community with more born shifters. More born werewolves, not bitten ones. The odds of more born shifters means the possibility of more female werewolves being born. And to use a vampire as a surrogate, think of the implications."

"I don't want to think about it! I miss our female. Our Nosferatu. That thing has changed her, and I'm not sure for the better?" he patted his chest to make his point, his nostrils flaring.  Both males ears twitched as a faint echo grabbed their attention. Dagan was beginning to speak, to mumble incoherently in his sleep.

"mie harfss kin...tovedber..."

"How do think he's going to react when he recovers?" Reuben asked.

"One crisis at a time please." Tombstone whimpered again, tucking his tail between his legs, then ran to the door scratching. "Take that damned mutt up deck before there's a mess to clean." Rolf was loosing his patience.

"Why don't you?"

"I'd just as soon snap it's neck." Rolf growled. Reuben sniffed getting up and opened the cabin door, Tombstone racing ahead of him.


The Forest...

The Seer sat in the middle of the circle, covered in sweat, chanting. He'd been trying to summon the witch for hours, and was about to give up. He'd done everything needed, the right mix of oils, of herbs, candles, and a blood sacrifice. But this was the first time one of his summonings had failed. Standing up, he felt a light breeze begin to ruffle his hair.

"It didn't work." he said staring at the ground, one eyebrow raised.

"Because the one you seek isn't on this side they are on yours." the silhouette replied. "You know you can not summon a spirit if they have been reborn."

"So what do I do?" he raised his hands out to the sides, pleading with his Grandmother.

"Not sure there is anything you can do at this point." The figure faded as the Seer began to clean up the ritual items. He decided the next option would have to be a locator spell.

Ash walked out of the cabin, a new piece of fresh leather to hang over the tree to dry. Spotting the Seer near the back of the garden, he went to talk to him.  "There no chance your vision could be wrong?"

The younger werewolf shook his head letting out a deep sigh. "I've had a bunch of them in the last few hours. All seem to point to the same thing. A few conflicting details, but the ending always the same. I need to talk to this witch."

"The one from your visions?"  the Seer nodded, running his hand through his hair in frustration. Ash noticed how bad the Seer was looking. Worn, thin, his eyes glassy, his normally clean shaven jaw now sporting the beginning of a beard. He hadn't fed his sidhe side in awhile, and it was taking it's toll. The Seer's abilities were weakened so much, he hand't even shifted with the last few visions. And up to this point, every vision no matter how quick, or how small caused him to shift into his wolf form. "I didn't realize how much you were depending on Nosferatu to help with keeping your sidhe side under control."

"I don't want...don't worry about it. I'll find someone." he gave a weak smile. "There's a nunnery at the edge of the kingdom. I'll head that direction for a few days." Ash nodded as he gave the younger male a smirk. "There's a coven not far from there anyways. Might have some leads to how to find this witch."

The older werewolf stretched his shoulders, as he stood thinking about everything, a distant look in his eyes.  "Why is this witch so important to you?"

The Seer scratched the back of his skull closing his eyes, letting out a deep breath. "My visions haven't been as clear lately. I just know that this witch is at the center of everything." he growled. "One vision they were in battle, another they were being hung, another helping to deliver a baby, royal baby but they got stabbed and the baby stolen. They seem to die in every vision."

"And you tried the summoning because?"

"Oh, they-the visions- were all like a few hundred years ago. Only, I'm getting the idea this witch, she isn't dead." the Seer clutched suddenly at his skull, squeezing his eyes shut as he doubled over in pain. He screamed as his breathing became labored, falling to his knees, raking his fingers in the dirt.

"What did you see?" Ash asked helping him back up, the Seer's face covered in blood as it poured from his nose.

"I think we're about to have a new alpha? I saw Dagan dead and Reuben standing talking to Harker." he began to wipe his face with his hand, just smearing dirt into the blood.

"Harker's back?"

"No." he hesitated. "There was water all around them. I think they were on a ship?"

"And you think Reuben is going to take the alpha position?"

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.)

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